3 Reasons Broadly is the Best Roofing Business Software in 2023

For business owners in the roofing industry, running a successful company requires wearing many hats. Not only do you have to be an expert in roofing, but you also have to be well-versed in business management, customer experience, operations and marketing.

Managing time and balancing competing priorities can quickly become complicated, especially if you’re trying to grow your business.

That’s where roofing business software solutions come in. The best roofing software saves time by efficiently multitasking, from requesting online reviews to coordinating among team members to getting paid. Software can help you manage your residential or commercial roofing business.

What is roofing management software?

Roofing business software streamlines day-to-day operational processes and other tasks for roofers. With the right cloud-based software solution, roofing professionals can effectively automate a variety of responsibilities, including communicating with customers, sending invoices and managing online reviews.

Not only does this make a roofing business owner’s job easier, but it also frees up time for them to focus on other aspects of their company. With the help of specialized software, your roofing company can become more efficient and productive — both of which are key to expanding your small business.

Before investing in any software solution, take a step back and assess your specific business needs. What problems are you hoping to solve with the software? What features would be most beneficial to your roofing company?

Best features to look for in a quality roofing business software

Reliable roofing business soft software should be cloud-based so all information is stored and accessed easily. It should also offer a range of automation tools to streamline your workflows, such as automatic email responses, appointment reminders, payment processing and features to facilitate lead management.

Communication tools

Communication is critical for running any business. Consider the features available to streamline communications with your customers and team members. Look for a single inbox that consolidates messages from multiple messaging platforms so nothing falls through the cracks.

Live web chat services are also a great way to provide support to potential customers before they contact the competition. Web chat can be programmed with automated responses and to forward complicated inquiries to a live person for customer support.

Payment integration

Effective roofing software supports integrated mobile invoicing and payment systems, paving the way for a more efficient invoicing process and offering greater flexibility in how and when payments can be made. Look for solutions where customers can pay online from their mobile device using their credit card without having to download an app.

Make sure you have seamless integration with a roofing company’s accounting software, such as QuickBooks. This allows business owners to avoid errors and delays in re-entering invoice and payment data. It also keeps things clean when tax season rolls around.

Review and reputation management solutions

Reputation and review management tools give real-time insights into how your customers perceive your roofing business, allowing you to take immediate steps to improve your online presence.

These days, potential customers research businesses online before interacting with them. Over 91% of consumers in 2021 read at least one online review before deciding to spend their money.

With this in mind, it’s crucial that your online reputation leaves a positive impression on prospective customers. Ultimately, a software solution should include the ability to automatically request customer reviews and easily manage online reviews across platforms.

Marketing solutions

Roofing business software can streamline your marketing strategy, resulting in new customer acquisition and retention. Consider these key features when shopping for a reliable roofing business CRM:

  • Lead capture and tracking: Easily capture and track leads from various sources, such as online forms, emails and referral programs. Take advantage of powerful filtering and search options to instantly find the information you need.
  • Manage targeted campaigns: Capture the attention of various audiences with personalized email marketing campaigns. Send newsletters advertising seasonal promotions, showcasing recent roofing jobs and sharing home maintenance tips.
  • Data analysis capabilities: Generate detailed custom reports to measure and analyze the performance of your marketing efforts. Then identify problem areas and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

By better understanding and communicating with your customers, you can provide them excellent service and increase your chances of repeat business.

Why Broadly stands out as a roofing business management software

Broadly’s suite of software solutions is ideal for roofing businesses, providing a range of practical features helpful to professionals in the roofing industry. Whether you need online reputation management or email marketing campaigns, Broadly has your roofing business needs covered.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a tech expert to use Broadly — the software’s intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to get started.

Promotes user-friendly software programs

Designed with the user in mind, Broadly’s software interface is simple and straightforward. From the Payments mobile app for on-the-go invoicing to the real-time Web Chat program, these software solutions are regularly updated with new features and improvements.

Broadly customers can rest assured they’re using the latest and greatest version of the software. Plus, the dedicated Broadly customer success team is quick to respond and always happy to help.

Supports long-term roofing business growth

As your roofing business expands, you want a software program that can grow with you. Broadly provides industry-leading software solutions that offer scalability to meet your future needs.

For example, with the Campaigns solution, efficiently create tailored texts and emails for specific customers using customizable templates. In addition, use the Inbox tool to build and maintain strong relationships with customers by staying organized and tracking all correspondence in one place.

Offers easy and affordable pricing options

Broadly is one of the most noteworthy roofing business software platforms on the market, providing a worthwhile return on investment (ROI). Access all the features and tools you need to take your roofing company to the next level. With Broadly’s software solutions, roofers can automate tedious tasks, including invoicing and managing customer reviews.

Take your roofing business to new heights with management solutions from Broadly

Roofing companies can leverage Broadly’s comprehensive suite of tools to manage every aspect of their business, from streamlining marketing and sales processes to improving customer service.

Our team of experts can even help you redesign a modern, mobile-friendly website. We have what you need to improve your customer experience.

Give your roofing business a boost with Broadly!

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