6 Q&As About Hiring a Dental Copywriter

6 Q&As About Hiring a Dental Copywriter

You need SEO content for your website.
You need social media posts, but don’t have time.
You want to start a blog, but you can’t commit to writing every week.
You need scripts for videos, the office phone, or for your team to use with patients.
You’re working on an article, book, speech, or white paper and need help.
You’ve been invited to write for a magazine, blog, or conference but aren’t good at writing.
Your office needs an SOP or policies and procedures manual.

This short list covers only a few of the many reasons dentists hire writers. If any of these statements describe your situation, it’s time to hire a copywriter or editor to help.

Where to start? You could hop over to fiverr or search the web for “copywriters for hire.” But how will you evaluate the writers and determine which one will provide the content you want, in your voice, to meet your goals?

Not all writers are good at composing dental and medical content.

A general copywriter will know neither the nuances of clinical dentistry, nor the marketing guidelines set forth by the ADA and your state dental board. A dental copywriter should know these things, as well as how to best communicate with dental patients in a way that appeals to your specific patient demographic.

The Q&As below should help you understand the why and how of hiring a dental copywriting agency for your content projects. If you have questions or want to chat instead of reading this blog, give Riese Duty a call or text at 672-679-6885 or email [email protected] with questions about your writing project. For nine years, Identiwrite Creative has helped dentists excel at writing through copywriting and ghostwriting. Let us write for you, so you can practice dentistry.

What’s a dental copywriter?

Unlike a general copywriter, a dental writer has experience composing content for your peers–dentist’s who’ve walked in your footsteps. An experienced dental copywriter will know which questions to ask you, so the content he produces sounds like you, conveys accurate and comprehensive information, and if used online, is well optimized for search.

Why do I need to hire a dental copywriter, instead of a general copywriter?

The dental writer will have a portfolio of dental writing that you can review, as well as dental clients who can provide testimonials and references. General writers may have few or no samples specific to the dental industry.

You won’t risk non-compliance with ADA and state board marketing guidelines because a dental copywriter knows what’s appropriate and what isn’t acceptable.

The content will be clinically accurate, but use layman’s terminology.

The writer will research your market–competitors, patient demographics–before writing.

The writer will research, or may already be familiar with, the technology you use.

The writer will understand that dentists don’t all share the same treatment philosophy.

The writer can ask you specific questions to make your content stand out from that of other local dentists.

How does hiring a dental copywriting agency differ from hiring an individual copywriter?

Having been a freelance copywriter and agency owner, I’ve experienced both worlds. Hiring an individual for your writing projects may seem more personal. The freelancer can become your go-to person for all copy needs. It’s a great theory. However, when a freelance writer takes on too many projects, misses a day or two of work, or travels, continuity of quality suffers and deadlines are missed. I’ve even known freelancers who go MIA for months, right in the middle of a project. What would you do then, especially if you’d paid a deposit?

If a dental copywriting agency takes on your writing projects, you can rest assured that your assigned writer will manage a reasonable number of projects. If he or she has to take time off work, the copy director can evaluate your project details and work with another staff writer to complete the work in the original writer’s absence. And if a writer is MIA, you’ll never feel a hiccup.

With an agency copywriter, you can form a personal relationship and  request to work with the same writer on all of your projects.

Furthermore, agency writers follow a style guide to ensure that reputable resources are used for research; content follows certain grammar, capitalization, and punctuation rules; and your brand is represented in the most professional (yet personable) way.

What if I like writing my own content, but I need a professional editor to polish and proofread it?

I can’t speak to what all agencies do, but I can offer an answer based on what we do at Identiwrite Creative. Because we cater to such a niche market, we offer our dentists complete writing services, including:

  • Creating website navigation in collaboration with the designer/developer/SEO technician
  • Composing professional dentistry content
  • Optimizing content for search
  • Editing, proofreading, revising submitted content
  • Rewriting existing content
  • Naming practices
  • Composing taglines
  • Much more!

How will a dental copywriter write in my voice, so the content sounds like me?

This is a great question, and I’ve heard it many times. The key to achieving a dentist’s voice is a great interview.

At Identiwrite Creative, our copy director or copywriter will not only record answers to questions during your phone or video interview, but she’ll also create a word box. In this box, she’ll jot down words and phrases you repeatedly mention. This seemingly small detail will allow her to inject your vocabulary and tone into her writing. Also, during a conversation directly with you, she’ll get a feel for your style.

How do I hire a dental copywriter?

With 20 years of experience under my belt, I recommend you avoid the online search and just contact Identiwrite Creative. We can provide samples, references, and we have a history of 9 years of success. I’m the owner, Shauna Duty, and my vast experience working in the dental copywriting space provides invaluable insight and guidance to our writing team. I know patients, dentists, clinical dentistry, dental materials, and dental technology…and so do my writers.

I invite you to call Riese today at 972-679-6885 or email [email protected] to discuss your writing project. In addition to experience, we offer five-star service and reasonable fees.

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