Advantages of Cobalt Chrome Porcelain Teeth

Cobalt-chromium porcelain teeth are one of the three non-precious metal porcelain teeth at present for application of dental restorations.

Cobalt chromium dental alloy
Cobalt chromium dental alloy

Advantages of cobalt chrome porcelain teeth:

  1. It is a real non-precious metal porcelain full crown. Cobalt-chromium alloy was first used to make artificial joints and has excellent biocompatibility. It has been widely used in the field of oral restoration. Element, safe, reliable and affordable, has become the first choice of patients and dentists.
  2. For the restoration of yellow-black crooked teeth, tetracycline teeth, fluorous teeth and other problematic teeth, it is almost difficult to distinguish the true and false teeth with the naked eye after the restoration of porcelain teeth.
  3. Porcelain teeth treated with high temperature are strong and durable, and the bacteria on the surface cannot survive, just like putting on a strong “isolation coat” for the teeth, making the caries “no holes to enter”.
  4. For those with a single missing tooth, as long as the adjacent teeth are intact twice, and they do not want to undergo oral implantation, a porcelain bridge can be used to repair the missing tooth.

The above is the introduction of the advantages of cobalt-chromium porcelain teeth, I hope it will be helpful to beauty seekers. Here is a warm reminder, if you want to do related plastic surgery projects, you should go to a regular plastic surgery institution for related pre-operative consultation to understand the surgery, or you can find the following online public doctors for consultation.

Produced the patient’s cobalt chromium dental restoration in laboratory needs professional technician equipment. The high speed grinder equipment, and electrolytic polisher are among the must dental lab denture manufacturing equipment. They are used to polishing the cobalt chrome restoration surface for shinning effect.

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