Best Dentistry Marketing: How It Works FAQs

Best Dentistry Marketing: How It Works FAQs

Websites, blogs, social media, paid ads, Google Business, backlinks…dentistry marketing in the modern age is complex, technical, and it may seem more than a bit arbitrary.

In fact, I know from experience that some dental marketing companies don’t rely on solid data, but instead they build websites without considering competitive analysis or SEO best practices. They just hope for SEO success and troubleshoot problems as they arise. This is reckless, therefore it eventually fails.

But dentists are busy seeing patients. They trust their SEO company. Most dentists just agree to try something and see if it works, because that’s what the “expert” recommended. Then, when a plan A fails, they write off the losses and try plan B — then C, then D.

Some dentists chase the shiniest objects at the midwinter conference in Chicago, and more often than not, those high-priced marketing efforts don’t meet expectations.

These are NOT the methods I recommend!

By evaluating data, like competitor analyses, website traffic, keyword relevancy and rank, backlink quality, etc., Identiwrite Creative determines the best way to drive more new patients to a dental practice. Furthermore, digital marketing (supported by strategy based on data) is one of the most affordable types of marketing, when we focus on ROI (return on investment).

Experience Counts

Working with dentists in the digital dentistry marketing space for nearly two decades, I have witnessed the vast changes in search marketing and unprecedented popularity of social media. Sadly, I’ve also seen many dentists lose money–even lose their practices–because of poor marketing choices.

I want to help you avoid wasting money! I want to provide you with a dentistry marketing service backed by data, integrity, and excellent work ethic. Now let’s dive into some common FAQs about dentistry marketing.

Questions and Answers About Dentistry Marketing

These Q&As about digital dentistry marketing will help you understand why I believe that some investments are better than others–and what the best use of your marketing dollars will buy.

If after reading these, you still have questions or would like to discuss digital marketing for your dental practice, call Riese Duty at 972-679-6885 or email [email protected]. Our talented team stands ready to serve you. 

How can you chose the best method for marketing your dental practice?

Best is an ambiguous word. To me, the “best” marketing delivers new patients to a dentist’s office or new clients to a dental lab, product manufacturer, or consultant. Best equals an increase in revenue. To chose the “best,” we have to look at what’s working right now.

Digital dentistry marketing has a fantastic ROI. This means, the money you invest is returned to you many times over. ROI proves not only that a tactic is working, but that you receive value for your spend; you do more than just break even.

The Identiwrite Creative teams will look at:evaluate seo data for dentistry marketing

(1) your goals;

(2) your competitors/colleagues;

(3) your highest-revenue services/procedures;

(4) the procedures you most like to perform;

(5) your budget.

Evaluating these topics allow us to create a plan of action, a proposal.

How can you know what works and doesn’t work for other dentists in your area?

Through a competitive analysis, we can find out:

(1) which dentists in your service area are getting the highest website traffic;

(2) why those websites are effective traffic generators;

(3) where holes exist in your competitors’ online marketing; and

(4) how to build an online dentistry marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your website and phones.

Why do you need to blog weekly? Wouldn’t one monthly blog post yield the same results?

Content is king of the web. That’s a truth that even Google recognizes.

Your website provides a hub for online marketing efforts. From your website, you can build email lists of potential patients; launch sales funnels; describe your practice, philosophy, services, treatments, team, and more. Your website connects to social media, Google Business (reviews), email captures, and it provides all the contact info your potential patients need. It’s like a fantastic, 24/7 concierge for potential patients.

To Google, the best websites are regularly updated with fresh content, new images, and videos.

Wheel and Spokes, or Content Siloing

Let’s talk about blogs first. Google’s robots (or spiders) index blogs a bit differently than text on website pages. Blogs are considered news, so they quickly achieve high ranking (if a good strategy is implemented), then fall in rank over time.

However, blogs also provide “spokes” on your hub (your website). You might have heard of the wheel-and-spokes or content siloing strategy. This technique involves publishing blogs that link back to main landing pages, usually service pages.

By creating a web of interlinking with siloing, we will help Google better understand your content, so it can determine your blogs’ or pages’ relevancy to search queries. The better we communicate with Google’s robots, the greater chance your site will rank high and wide for targeted keyword phrases.

Beef Up the Width of Your Book Spine for Google

Now think about Google as a library. It is, you know. Google is the modern library, filled with knowledge from around the globe! No one has to visit a brick-and-mortar library to conduct research, find a good read, or (here’s a throwback) use a computer. Simply type or speak a query into your smartphone, and voila: a plethora of information appears.

If your website is a book in the Google library, then the more shelf space it takes up, the more likely it will be seen. Shelf space is a metaphor for the amount of content on a website. Fill your website with tons of original blog posts about your services, products, procedures, training, community, team members, and technology, and it’s sure to be found by potential patients. The more content, the better, when it comes to dentistry marketing. Original, quality content is king.

Is social media marketing worth the investment?

IMHO (in my humble opinion), no. I have yet to find a new patient who has searched for and booked and appointment with a dentist via a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram post. HOWEVER, I do believe that there’s value in having at least a Facebook account for your dental office. And that’s true only if you make posts.

For Identiwrite clients, we publish blog links and images to the dentist’s social media profiles. This at least keeps the pages up to date and visually appealing.

Since Google takes into account a business’ overall web presence, having one or two social media accounts is helpful in dentistry marketing. Remember, our main goal is to drive new patient calls. To get there, we need to create a deep and wide presence that shouts credibility and expertise.

Do I have to write my own website text and blogs?

Absolutely not. It is best for a dentist to at least contribute to social media and blogging, but it is not necessary.

At Identiwrite Creative, we have a team of copywriters trained in clinical dentistry, technology, and products. These dental writers also understand various types of copywriting: sales and marketing, how-to presentations, clinical explanations for the lay person, AIDA, the inverted pyramid, and more. Most of our writers hold English, journalism, or creative writing degrees, and English is their first language.

Our copywriters report to a copy director who edits, trains, and updates them on SEO best practices, which undergo regular updates. When you sign up with Identiwrite Creative, you’ll meet Cara, our copy director.

Why doesn’t SEO have a guaranteed formula for success?

This is an excellent question. Search engine optimization has morphed from simple keyword inclusion by percentage to a highly complex mix of factors, from location to patient testimonials to website quality to backlink quality to traffic numbers–and much more.

The number of dental offices in your area, their online strategy, and the types of patients you want to attract also play a role in SEO.

Bottom line, you need an expert for high-ROI dentistry marketing, and Identiwrite Creative would like the opportunity to serve you.

Can Identiwrite guarantee page one, position one rankings in Google?

Anyone who guarantees page one, position one organic ranking is lying. If Google holds the master key and changes the locks regularly, how could anyone guarantee access? They can’t. It’s that simple.

We do guarantee an excellent strategy based on current data and research. We can guarantee great copywriters, technicians, SEO experts, and graphic designers. We can also guarantee excellent customer service! Just read our online reviews.

Schedule a Phone or Zoom Consultation, and We Will Answer All of Your Questions

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Hopefully these FAQss helped you. Most likely, you still have some questions. I suggest that you give Riese Duty a call at 972-679-6885 or email [email protected]. He can answer your questions or book your appointment for a free 30-minute phone consultation with me, Shauna Duty.

At Identiwrite Creative, our team of SEO experts, technicians, copywriters, editors, and graphic artists are ready to deliver new patients to your door through affordable, effective, and easy dentistry marketing. Ask about our monthly special when you call!

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