Dental Social Media Tips to Grow Your Practice

Social media is the new frontier for advertising.

With over half of the world’s population using one social media platform or the other, it’s not surprising that businesses are shifting their strategies to incorporate unique characteristics of this platform for their uses.

The vast majority of big brands and small businesses have a presence on various social media platforms – and your competitors in the dental care industry are surely already taking advantage.

If your dental practice is not yet on social media, then you’re definitely in the right place. This article will discuss why social media is important for your dental marketing, including a few tips on how to implement it for your practice.

Why is social media important for your dentistry practice? 

Data from Statista reveals that social media is now one of the most important marketing channels in modern times. Brands across industries are rushing to take their share of the seemingly-endless social media gold.

Your dental office can similarly benefit from the unique capabilities social networks offer. A social media presence for your practice can be beneficial for several reasons.

  • Generating leads. One of the primary benefits of social media sites is that they can help you reach a wider audience and attract new patients. Creating a strong online presence is a cost-effective way to increase awareness of your brand and drive leads through organic growth and paid ad campaigns.
  • Engaging clients. Social media is valuable for engaging with your existing patients and building a strong community around your practice. Directly interacting with your customer base inspires loyalty and encourages patients to leave positive reviews and recommend your practice to others.
  • Improving customer service. Through various social platforms, you can facilitate payments, send online appointment reminders, answer quick consultation questions, and more. Making your services more accessible to your customers enhances the experience and builds trust.
  • Establishing credibility. Social media posts are an excellent way to share useful information and tips related to dental health, helping educate your audience and reinforce your authority at the same time.
  • Displaying critical information. With a business profile, you can share information about your business on various platforms. You can include location, service pricing, opening times, consultation requirements and more.

A social media presence is also critical because all your competitors are using it. Besides, it gives you powerful capabilities to engage with the modern world.

Let’s examine how you can implement a digital marketing strategy for your dental clinic.

What social media platforms do dentists use?

Social media is an excellent tool for marketing your dental practice, and dentistry is a broad enough practice that dental social media marketing works for almost any platform.

That said, there are platforms where you can expect your marketing plan to work a little bit better, especially if you’re just operating a standard dental team. Let’s look at the best dental social media platforms.


Facebook is a leading social media platform in terms of business – having a Facebook Page for your dental practice is a must today.

Facebook is a great way to help make your practice more popular. A Facebook-centered strategy leverages a high potential for engaging potential new patients through Facebook messaging, joining groups and participating in the comment section of healthcare posts.

More than that, this platform also gives you more leeway in terms of your content strategies.

You can publish a variety of social media content on this platform. Facebook has a lot of marketing tools allowing you to make long-form posts about the industry, post photos and upload stories and reels.

The biggest benefit of Facebook is its ubiquitousness. Everyone has a Facebook account, and you can be assured your target audience is also on this platform, no matter what demographic your dentistry practice focuses on.


Another social media channel to focus on is Instagram. Dental Instagram drives high value for your brand because you can increase brand recognition through visual-based marketing campaigns.

On Instagram, your marketing efforts will focus on high-quality media content that increases recognition and credibility.

You can feature your clinic, post before and after pictures of your patients and do informational videos using Instagram reels.

Dentists can capture the interest of potential patients by appearing on their newsfeeds and engaging them with great content.

Since Instagram focuses on images and media, you don’t have to focus so much on long-form texts. Instead, it’s all about experiential content through photos and videos. Hashtags are also big on Instagram, allowing you to connect your content to certain trends, topics and communities.


TikTok is a powerful social media marketing tool for businesses that allows users to post easy short-form content with a high potential to go viral. This platform can help you generate leads by connecting to a growing audience pool, increasing your brand visibility and amplifying your brand’s story to your target audience.

While it’s a steadily-growing platform, TikTok is not yet as saturated as veteran social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, ensuring plenty of growth opportunities if you manage to find your stride.

TikTok also makes it much easier to collaborate with local influencers and other users to collaborate with your brand. You can connect to people near you, collaborate and broadcast your message throughout your immediate community.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform allowing businesses to create a company page and connect with other professionals and potential customers.

A LinkedIn account is crucial social media for dentists if they want to reinforce authority and connect to the industry.

A LinkedIn company page can showcase the products or services that your dental service offers, along with your brand’s mission, values and culture. This can help attract potential customers and clients. It even helps you reach potential employees in case you’re hiring.

How do you market a dental practice on social media?

Now that you understand the importance and advantages of having a social media page, you’re ready to take the leap and make your marketing ideas come to life. Here are some universal tips you’ll need on your journey.

  1. Complete your information. No matter what social media accounts you create, remember to complete them with updated information.
  2. Publish high-quality content. Creating relevant, unique, and engaging content is a failsafe way for your audience to eventually recognize your value and increase your following. Have a wide variety of the best post ideas at the ready.
  3. Engage with your audience. A dental practice’s social media is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and regular patients. Make sure to respond to comments, questions and concerns as quickly as possible.
  4. Use user-generated content. User-generated content is a great way to broach new audiences, increase brand recognition and gain referrals. Share success stories about successful operations and launch contests.
  5. Join groups and discussions. Engage with a wide community on social media to increase your reach. Use hashtags, join groups and participate in real-time discussions.
  6. Engage with your local community. Don’t forget your local community in your dental marketing strategy. A dental practice will, by necessity, be a service area business, so you need to cultivate relationships within your local community.

What should you post on dental Instagram?

Any digital marketing agency will tell you that Instagram is an excellent social media platform to market your dental practice.

With a dental Instagram account, you can post a wide variety of engaging and informative content to connect to your audience, helping you to increase brand recognition and generate leads.

Here are some examples of good content on Instagram.

  • Before-and-after photos of dental treatments. Photos are powerful for showcasing results and displaying your dental team’s expertise.
  • Educational content. Instagram posts that provide useful information about dental health, such as tips for maintaining good oral hygiene, position your practice as a reliable source of information.
  • Promotions and special offers. Posts that announce special offers or promotions can be a great way to encourage potential customers to take action and book an appointment.
  • Customer testimonials. Instagram posts that feature patient stories, positive reviews and testimonials can build trust and credibility.
  • Behind-the-scenes content. Media that gives a glimpse into the business’s operations humanizes the business and makes it relatable to potential customers. These are things like photos of the dental team at work or images of the office,

A mix of engaging and informative content will help a dental business attract potential customers and increase leads on Instagram.

Manage your dental social media strategy with Broadly

Social media is one of the best marketing resources that you can use to market your business on the Internet.

With the proper knowledge and experience, you can effectively use the impressive technology in social media marketing to position your dental practice as a leader in your community.

But this can grow increasingly complicated, the more accounts and campaigns you maintain. Not to mention, there are other things you need to take care of, such as search engine optimization efforts (SEO), website development and email campaigns.

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