Everything a Dentist Needs to Know

Blogs: Everything a Dentist Needs to Know

I’ll address the big question first: Why Blog?

Blogging boosts a dental website’s visibility in search because it provides Google with free, profit-increasing information for searchers. Even small business owners know that profit drives nearly everything in business, and Google is a monster-sized company! So, if you scratch Google’s giant back by publishing informative, accurate, original text on your website and blog, Google’s search algorithm will scratch yours by giving your website higher search position.

Not only have I personally witnessed blogs drive traffic to my client dentists’ offices, but other SEO experts support the fact that blogging works.

An article on Small Business Chron states: “When you post compelling, relevant content on your blog and social media sites and include links to your main website, Google responds favorably.” Resource

And according to Hubspot, an authority in small business SEO, blogging helps drive traffic to a small business website and convert readers/searchers to leads, and blogging yields long-term SEO results, like authority and link building. Blogging also provides content that can be repurposed for social media posts. Resource

Here’s one more expert’s opinion that supports the importance of blogging. “…blogs enrich your own web of content and provide Google with the information it needs to connect you with the search terms you want to rank highly for.” Resource

A dental blog will only increase the potential for your dental practice website showing up higher in search. 

A blog increases ranking potential:

(1) for select keywords and keyword phrases, 

(2) long-tail keywords, and 

(3) more keywords–some you may have never even considered, but they naturally occur in the text of your blog content. 


Bottom line: BLOG. It will help your visibility in Google. That means more new patients for your dental practice! 

The best way to blog is for a dentist to make notes, then consult with an SEO expert and blog writer to actually compose, edit, optimize, publish, and promote the blog. However, not all dentists have time to write or even jot down notes.

If you’re short on time or lack the desire to write a dental practice blog, call us at Identiwrite Creative: 972-679-6885. With Power Blogs, our dental copywriters and SEO experts can make your site rank higher and wider, and you won’t have to write a word. Or, we can work with you to polish and optimize content that you and your team compose.

Dental Blog Topics

One comment I regularly hear from dentists is, “How can you write about crowns for 100 dentists and make each article unique?” It’s a great question, and I’ve written for 1000+ dentists during my two-decade career. Here’s the answer:

  1. Not all dentists offer the same types of crowns. In addition to porcelain, PFM, and precious metal, we now have same-day crowns with CEREC and E4D. Also, some of my client dentists focus on cosmetics, using only the highest quality ceramics and lab, while others focus on durability and/or affordability, because that’s what their patients want. 
  2. We vary the type of information on dentists’ blogs. Usually, a dental website has a page that explains crowns: what they do, who needs them, how they’re made, what to expect when having a crown placed,  etc. But on a blog, we try to answer questions that potential patients ask, like should you get crowns or veneers on front teeth, or why would a dentist suggest a PFM or precious metal crown instead of an all-porcelain restoration? The number of questions still seems endless to me!
  3. Dentists don’t share the same philosophies. For instance, a metal-free dentist will only offer all-porcelain or zirconia crowns, while most offices provide a much wider variety of materials, including metal options. By interviewing our client dentists, we learn what’s important to them and their patients. This helps our dental blog writers put a unique spin on each client’s blogs.

Some of the Most Popular Dentistry Topics on Search Engines

Potential dental patients search for certain phrases and topics more than others. At Identiwrite Creative, our SEO experts conduct location-based research to identify the most popular keywords and topics in a dentist’s region, so our writers create blogs that will boost a website’s visibility. 

For the last few years, phrases like “cost of (add procedure here)” and “dentist near me” have attracted significant traffic. I also ask my writers to stick to the gold standard: cities, services, and symptoms. While Google Local has removed the need to name cities in website content, I still believe it can’t hurt, as long as we keep the references natural-sounding.

Services and symptoms are the very best topics to write about because they are the very words that potential patients look for in Google Search. 

SEO Strategy with Content Siloing

The best way to organize blog linking is with content siloing. This practice helps Google understand what’s most important to your practice and patients. 

Content siloing involves an internal linking strategy in which each blog links to just one main service page, like cosmetic dentistry, implants, or Invisalign. To create a silo system for your blog, we plan ahead. In addition to SEO research, including month-over-month assessments, we build an editorial calendar that takes into account keywords, headings, internal linking structure, and length.

In addition to siloing, certain back-end practices enhance a website’s SEO strategy. For instance, title tags, meta descriptions, and ALT-image tags should be installed for every webpage, including blog posts.

Dental Marketing with Custom Blogs

Perhaps the most often repeated advice I’ve read about blogging is, the content must be original. Using canned content from other websites or an article library doesn’t help SEO, according to Google. It and other search engines give priority to unique text, both on websites and blogs. 

Identiwrite Creative writes for a wide range of clientele. Our work includes, but is not limited to websites, SEO, and blog writing for:

  • Family Dentists
  • General Dentists
  • Cosmetic Dentists
  • Dental Specialists
  • Pediatric Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Implant Dentists
  • TMJ Dentists
  • Bread and Butter Dentists
  • Endodontists
  • OMS Dentists
  • Prosthodontists
  • Holistic Dentists
  • Special Needs Dentists
  • Sedation Dentists
  • Dental Consultants
  • Dental Products
  • Dental Labs
  • Wellness Websites
  • Dentistry Websites
  • Medical Websites

How to Find Great Dental Blog Writers

Identiwrite Creative’s copywriters are trained in clinical dentistry, SEO, and writing. We also have an excellent SEO, technical, and website development team. Read our reviews on Google.

Whether you want to write your own blogs and need them edited and optimized for search, or you want a full-service on-page SEO agency, text or call Identiwrite Creative today at 972-679-6885 or email [email protected]. Ask about our monthly special when you call.

Web developers and consultants should ask about bulk-order discounts!

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