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The secret to HVAC companies’ growth lies not solely in getting the job done right, but also reaching potential customers and converting them into new customers.

In today’s age of digital marketing, you need to stand out on social media, generate solid online reviews and earn top local search engine optimization (SEO) rankings — and that’s just to get started.

Developing an HVAC marketing strategy and putting your marketing plans into motion have the potential to deliver a huge ROI, whether you’re just starting an HVAC business or have been in business for a while.

Keep reading to find plenty of HVAC marketing ideas to help you connect with more homeowners, faster.

Importance of creating an online presence for your HVAC company

The importance of a solid online presence for small businesses like HVAC companies can’t be overstated. According to a study of 1,124 consumers, 99% of participants search for local businesses online, and 78% say they do so weekly or more frequently.

Other research indicates that small business owners have yet to catch up. One study found that only 64% of small businesses have a website, 57% of small- to medium-sized companies do not have an SEO strategy, and 44% of businesses are in the dark about the value their social media efforts generate.

The fact that you’re reading this guide shows that you understand the power of building an online presence for your HVAC business and that you’re ready to boost your digital marketing efforts. We’re here to help you.

Top 8 HVAC marketing channels and marketing strategies

Use these channels to reach more potential customers. Optimize them, and you’ll convert even more of your audience into new customers.

  1. Your company’s HVAC website

Building a website is an essential step in creating an online presence for your HVAC company. Maximize this fundamental digital marketing channel with these tips!

  • Make sure your website is mobile-optimized, loads quickly and has a high-quality design
  • Provide all the information your website visitors need to know about the HVAC services you offer, your service area and the HVAC contractors on your team
  • Improve your conversion rates with lead generation forms to get free consultation about proper ventilation or an estimate for air conditioning installation
  • Include contact information, such as your phone number and email address, to direct emails and phone calls from interested HVAC clients to your business
  • Add a Web Chat feature to your website to engage HVAC leads so potential customers can get their questions answered quickly and even book home services in real-time
  • Highlight positive testimonials from Google Reviews and other online reviews websites and share a few compelling case studies that demonstrate the impact of your work
  1. Local SEO

Organic search engine traffic via websites such as Google Search and Bing are top drivers of traffic for businesses. In fact, over 50% of website traffic for local businesses comes from organic search engines.

Because the top three search engine results get more than 50% of clicks (28.5% to the first, 15.7% to the second and 11% to the third), it’s essential that your business claims a top spot within SEO rankings for keywords related to your business.

According to Google’s algorithm, you can take some actions to get your HVAC SEO to rank well.

  • Have a mobile-optimized website that loads quickly
  • Use the right keywords for your HVAC services and across your web pages, titles, URLs and meta descriptions
  • Produce fresh, unique content for website visitors
  • Develop a link-building strategy that includes promoting your business on social media platforms, Google Maps and Google Search — do this by claiming your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business profile)
  1. Online reviews

Grow your business by getting more online reviews on social media, Google Reviews and other platforms for customer reviews. The next time someone’s air conditioner breaks in your service area, you want online reviews on your business page to inspire them to reach out to your business. After all, online reviews influence up to 93% of consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Check out Broadly’s guides to get more online reviews for your business, how to get Google Reviews and how to get reviews on Facebook for effective strategies.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is growing in popularity as a home services lead generation digital marketing strategy. Need help figuring out where to begin?

Step 1: Think about your digital marketing channels

Which platforms do you use to connect with your customers: social media, your website, email marketing, SMS marketing?

Step 2: Consider the types of content marketing you can generate

What types of content do you have the skills, resources or budget to create to engage audiences across the channels you’ve identified in step one? Popular types of content marketing include:

  • HVAC blogs and articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Guides
  • Case studies
  • Webinars

Step 3: Decide how customers will access your content marketing

  • Gated content is content that supports lead generation efforts and requires anyone interested in consuming the content to share their contact information first before they can access the materials, which makes this a great way to gain high-quality leads
  • Un-gated content, such as SEO-friendly blogs, videos or social media infographics, do not require anyone to share their contact information and can help you raise your brand awareness by reaching more people

Step 4: Begin creating content and track your success

Content can only help you achieve your business goals if you identify your business goals and track your content’s performance.

For instance, if your goal is to reach more potential customers, one of your key performance indicators (KPIs) might be increasing your website visitors. If you see the number of website visitors increase after publishing new content, you’re having the desired impact.

If your goal is to book more home services, then you need to include a lead generation form at the end of every blog with a call-to-action (CTA) to request a free quote. If you see free quotes increase because of these blog forms, you can tie your content marketing efforts to that KPI.

  1. Social media marketing

According to the world’s leading social media platform Facebook, 60% of local businesses say having an online presence is crucial to their long-term success. Another two-thirds of global Facebook users say they visit the business page of a local business at least once a week on the platform.

Check out the following Broadly guides to start or expand your social media marketing efforts:

  1. SMS marketing

You’ve set up a website for your HVAC business. You’ve added lead generation forms as part of the website design. You’ve got high-quality leads coming in. Now it’s time to kick off your marketing campaigns to convert these leads into HVAC clients.

SMS is a great marketing channel for engaging customers. SMS marketing campaigns generate an impressive 98% open rate, meaning nearly every text message that companies send gets opened.

When you collect customers’ mobile phone numbers as part of the lead generation process, be sure to get their permission to send them text messages (that is, they’ve opted into receiving SMS from your company).

Get started by sending SMS marketing updates about seasonal specials, new home services, appointment confirmations and review request reminders.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a growing digital marketing opportunity for HVAC companies. It’s low-cost, flexible, convenient and, thanks to marketing automation, can be fast and easy. Within the HVAC industry, local businesses use email campaigns to keep in touch with existing and potential customers about:

  • Promotions
  • Scheduled services
  • Free quotes
  • DIY air conditioner and furnace maintenance
  • Other HVAC tips

Check out the Broadly guide on email marketing for HVAC contractors for more email marketing tips.

  1. Online advertising

HVAC advertising is a great marketing tactic to consider when you want to increase your lead generation efforts quickly. Although it comes at a cost compared to organic marketing ideas, which generally don’t require an advertising budget.

Here are a couple of popular self-service advertising options to consider:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, such as Google Ads: These ads show up at the top of Google Search results, above organic rankings for terms related to your business. They can include details about your HVAC services, a link to your website, your phone number and a specific CTA for potential customers.

With PPC ads, businesses pay for every click, whether from a high-quality lead or not. Google isn’t the only platform to offer PPC ads — home services websites and social media apps such as Facebook also offer pay-per-click advertising.

  • Lead generation ads: Pay-per-lead (PPL) ads are a great option for HVAC contractors. With Google Local Services Ads, you only pay for customers who call your business, send a message, book a service or fill out a form in response to your ad. These high-quality leads see your ads at the top of Google when searching for home services.

Bottom line: If you want to improve awareness with more potential customers, try PPC ads. If you want to reach customers who are the most likely to have higher conversion rates, try PPL ads.

HVAC marketing FAQ

How do I generate more HVAC leads?

Using the marketing ideas and strategies included in this guide will help you attract leads for your HVAC business. This includes optimizing your website and local SEO, getting more online reviews and growing your online presence via content marketing, social media, HVAC advertising, email marketing and SMS marketing.

How do I improve my HVAC business’s reputation?

First, listen to what your customers are saying about your HVAC company across channels (including social media and online review sites). Consistently analyze your customer feedback, respond to customer reviews and track your metrics. These fundamental online reputation management strategies can help you improve your HVAC business’s reputation.

Where should HVAC companies advertise online?

You should advertise where homeowners are looking for services like yours. To see which paid internet marketing channels and advertising strategies drive more high-quality leads for your business, consider a trial campaign across a few channels, such as:

  • Social media ads to consumers in your service area
  • Search engine marketing to reach users who are searching for home services in your service area
  • PPC ads or PPL ads targeting website visitors looking for HVAC contractors on home services websites such as Angi or Nextdoor

See which platforms generate more leads and which have the strongest conversion rates.

Grow your HVAC business with Broadly

Broadly is a trusted partner of HVAC industry professionals. We are here to help with your digital marketing strategy and online marketing needs.

Broadly’s platform and services will help you elevate your SMS and email marketing campaigns, website design and brand awareness to convert more homeowners into new customers.

Schedule a demo and learn more about Broadly’s suite of digital marketing tools designed to drive small business growth.

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