How All-On-Four Implants Create a Winning Smile

How All-On-Four Implants Create a Winning Smile

Tooth loss is an unfortunate reality for many people. Not only can this shake your confidence, but it also affects your ability to eat and speak. Fortunately, you can restore the look and function of your mouth with All-on-Four implants.

What are All-on-Four dental implants?

All-on-Four is an incredible implant solution that restores the look and function of your mouth. During this revolutionary dental procedure, the entire upper or lower dental plate is replaced in a single day. The replacement teeth are permanently anchored in the mouth by four dental implants, which are inserted into the jawbone. 

Who is All-on-Four right for?

An All-on-Four implant procedure is ideal for patients missing some or all of their teeth. Since an All-on-Four replacement is completed over the course of a single day, it’s much more manageable than going for multiple appointments to have several implants inserted. Anyone who struggles with conventional dentures should also consider All-on-Four implants.

The All-on-Four Procedure

First, your dentist performs a comprehensive examination of your condition. This includes reviewing your dental history, taking x-rays and digital 3D scans, and thoroughly examining your mouth. Then, a treatment plan is created based on the current state of your mouth and your goals.

Measurements of the mouth are taken to plan the exact placement of the dental implants. These measurements also inform the shape and orientation of the replacement teeth. As a result, the new dental plate will fit perfectly, leading to optimum comfort and function.

On the day of the procedure, your dentist measures and marks the distance between your top and bottom jaw. This distance will not change once you have your new dental plate. If it does, your facial structure and jaw can change position. Consequently, it is very important that your dentist marks the correct, natural distance.

An All-on-Four procedure is typically performed with oral sedation and not general anesthesia.

<>Once the procedure begins, your dentist extracts any existing teeth or remnants of lost teeth. Damaged gum tissue is also removed. The dental implants are inserted into the jawbone at precise angles for maximum strength and stability. Following placement, your dentist replaces the gum tissue around the implants and closes all incisions.

The healing time for an All-on-Four procedure is around three weeks. It takes three to four months for the dental implants to integrate with the jawbone. After six months, the bonding is fully complete and you’re due back at your dentist to receive your final prosthesis.

The Benefits of All-on-Four Implants

Only One Surgery Required

You do not need multiple surgeries when you choose to get All-on-Four implants. Instead of returning repeatedly to the dentist chair, your new dental plate is inserted over a single appointment. Thus, only one appointment is necessary to replace multiple teeth and give you a brand new smile!

Restore Chewing Function

If you have damaged or missing teeth, eating can be a real challenge. Consequently, one significant motivator for getting All-on-Four dental implants is to restore the function of your mouth. All-on-Four implants are non-removable and firmly affixed to your jawbone, allowing you to eat and chew without issue.

Improve Your Appearance

Missing teeth can keep you from smiling and living life to the fullest. However, it also affects your facial and jaw structure. Many people experience jaw deterioration, speech changes, and sunken cheeks after losing multiple teeth. All-on-Four implants fix all of these issues. Your new smile will look fantastic, and your jaw health will be preserved.

More Affordable Than Individual Implants

All-on-Four implants often cost less than replacing each tooth individually. You also don’t have to make so many uncomfortable trips to the dentist.

No Bone Grafting Required

Bloor West Smiles typically does not require bone grafting to insert All-on-Four implants. As a result, your recovery time is sped up significantly.

All-on-Four vs. Individual Implants

Individual implants are a fantastic solution if you’re only missing one or two teeth. Once you have lost multiple teeth, it makes more sense to go down the All-on-Four route.

Replacing individual teeth with implants requires many dental appointments over many months. Your mouth is in a constant state of healing for a considerable period of time, which is uncomfortable and impedes your daily life. 

The cycle of getting your implants installed with temporary caps, waiting for the swelling to subside, and then returning for the permanent caps can seem to go on forever. 

Getting All-on-Four implants, on the other hand, is a much shorter process. You only need one procedure and it takes place on a single day. 

All-on-Four vs. Dentures

All-on-Four implants have several significant advantages over traditional dentures.

First, traditional dentures are not permanently secured to your mouth. This causes them to move around and rub against your gums, leading to sore spots. It also means certain foods are off-limits.

With All-on-Four implants, though, you can eat whatever you like without worry. The implants are securely affixed to your jawbone, so they never shift in position.

Oral hygiene is also easier with All-on-Four implants. Traditional dentures must be removed at the end of the day and cleaned. When you have All-on-Four implants, all you have to do is brush and use mouthwash. It’s the same daily dental hygiene routine that you have been doing for your whole life.

All-on-Four Implants in Toronto

If you’re missing multiple teeth, then All-on-Four implants can change your life. You will get back the look and function of your mouth, thus allowing you to smile and eat with endless confidence. All it takes is one appointment.

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