Most Powerful Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices — Part 2: “Why Denticon?” Series

In part two of this multi-part series, we’ll be discussing seven important features within Denticon Practice Management Software that enable dental organizations to standardize, centralize, and grow their practices.   

Denticon is a comprehensive solution that brings a great deal of functionality all into one system, making it a true all-in-one option for dental practices. 

If you belong to a DSO or an emerging group practice and want to learn about how Denticon features can help your practice, you’ve come to the right place.  

1. Easy-to-Use Scheduler

Denticon can benefit your dental group with a robust and customizable scheduler that can assist in effectively managing your day. Thanks to its flexibility and enterprise capabilities, users can quickly visualize daily schedules across one or multiple locations. The scheduler also enables staff to quickly access patient records and information with one simple click.   

In addition, the scheduler can help save practices and their staff time with its built-in functionality. For example, the Denticon scheduler can help staff quickly locate available appointments within specific date ranges, times, day of the week, provider, and more. Denticon can also find multiple appointments together, for added convenience for families 

To ensure a consistent user experience, the scheduler in Denticon also features an interactive checklist called SmartAssist. SmartAssist updates in real-time and allows users to quickly visualize all necessary tasks that need to be completed for each individual patient appointment. Tasks include collecting payments, scheduling a patient’s next appointment, signing new consent forms, and more. SmartAssist helps regulate tasks and procedures across all practices and ensure a standard patient experience.  

Get an inside look at the scheduler and SmartAssist in Denticon here.

2. Online Patient Tools

The patient experience has become an increasingly important focus for dental organizations because it’s equally important to attract new patients as it is to retain current ones. From a patient’s first impression of a practice online, to their appointment reminders, interaction with staff during their appointment, and post-appointment follow-up, it’s imperative for dental organizations to provide a positive experience to keep patients coming back. With Denticon, dental groups can enhance their patient experience with easy-to-use, online tools that help you connect with your patients.  

First off, with Denticon, practices have the opportunity to provide online, self-serve appointment booking services.  This allows patients to schedule appointments on their own time for the date that works best for their schedule. For dental practices wanting more control over what kinds of appointments patients can book online, Denticon also provides the flexibility to limit what type of appointments and providers patients can book on their own.  

After a patient has booked an online appointment, the Denticon online patient portal gives patients the ability to complete their registration and sign consent forms prior to their first appointment. Additionally, patients can use the online portal to make updates to their insurance, view upcoming and past appointments, and pay off outstanding balances anywhere, anytime. This not only helps save dental office staff time but is more convenient for patients as well.  

Finally, dental organizations can boost their patient experience with the support of native, two-way texting within Denticon. This feature makes it easy to connect with patients. With two-way testing, staff can easily help patients reschedule an appointment, text a link to a form that needs a signature, send a payment reminder with a link to the payment portal, and more all from within Denticon.   

Get an inside look at the online appointment scheduler in Denticon here.

3. Revenue Cycle Management & Insurance

Denticon gives DSOs the ability to save time and increase patient satisfaction with its robust and flexible patient billing and insurance features. First, Denticon gives dental organizations the flexibility to individually set fee schedules and insurance offerings across all their locations. Additionally, because Denticon is cloud-based and allows users to access data from anywhere, dental organizations can choose to centralize of all insurance, billing, and other administrative efforts to an offsite, remote team giving onsite staff more time to focus on supporting the needs of patients.  Denticon has additional time saving features such as built-in insurance verification, unlimited eClaims, and 835 auto-posting. And finally, with Denticon, dental practices can improve patient billing transparency by providing some of the most precise treatment estimates of any practice management tool on the market today.  

Get an inside look at claims in Denticon here.

4. Centralized and Insightful Reporting 

For DSOs and growing dental groups, gaining deep visibility into the organization’s performance and production is crucial to understand if key performance indicators (KPIs) are being met to ensure healthy growth across all locations.  

Arguably, one of the most powerful features in Denticon is its enterprise-level reporting that provides insights with real-time data. With centralized reporting in Denticon, it’s easy to drill into data across multiple locations and discover key insights into daily production, new patients by location, aging AR, percent of collections to pay providers, and more. Time and again, we hear from our clients that Denticon reporting is instrumental for their growth strategy and success. Denticon lets you see the “full picture” of the dental organization, while also allowing users to “zoom in” to a granular level. Some of the most popular, ready-to-go reports include: 

  • Daily production by provider 
  • Missed appointment list  
  • Patient ledgers  
  • Production analysis by category  
  • Capitation utilization by provider  
  • Outstanding claims by provider  
  • Referral production list  
  • Treatment plan status by code  
  • Patients by fee schedule  
  • Responsible party-list over 30 days  
  • Ortho revenue report  

Denticon also provides practices with a Morning Huddle Dashboard as a way to encourage visibility, camaraderie, and engagement within a practice. The Morning Huddle Dashboard feature within Denticon is an easy-to-use dashboard that provides a detailed visualization of the day including production to goal, new patients coming in, number of continuing care exams, total pending treatment for the day, and more. This makes it simple for dental practices to quickly analyze how they are doing, identify areas of opportunity, and celebrate successes. 

See some Denticon reports here.

5. Streamlined Clinical Workflows

It’s not only important to optimize practice operations with a comprehensive practice management solution, but also ensure that clinician’s have the tools needed to effectively take care of their patients. With Denticon’s odontogram, clinicians can easily view and chart pre-existing conditions, completed treatments, while also adding in new treatment plans. Additionally, Denticon provides a single patient record across all practice locations within a DSO or multisite dental organization, ensuring that no matter where a patient is being treated, clinicians have to most up-to-date and accurate patient data at their fingertips. To support multi-specialty practices, the ortho-module within Denticon helps orthodontists capture and chart ortho specific treatment plans.  

Get an inside look at clinical tools in Denticon here.

6. Seamlessly Integrated Dental Imaging

To further streamline workflows for clinicians, embedded within Denticon is Apteryx Imaging. This allows clinicians to effortlessly capture and backup images to the cloud for easy viewing capabilities from anywhere. Apteryx also enables clinical staff to easily modify, annotate, and securely send images to others with just a few clicks. The interoperable structure of Apteryx also allows for compatibility with all major sensor brands.  With Apteryx integrated right within Denticon, your clinical team will never have to leave Denticon again to capture X-rays.  

For an all-inclusive list of compatible sensors, click here.

7. Intuitive Patient Engagement 

Eliminate the need for a third-party patient engagement solution and avoid data synchronization errors with Denticon Patient Engagement. Built natively within Denticon, Denticon Patient Engagement provides extensive features that enable practices to connect with patients in real-time through automated appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, one-time announcements, and more. Easily customize and personalize patient touchpoints while also controlling the timing, frequency, and nature of each communication. Additionally, access key insights and metrics into campaign performance to help dental organizations ultimately boost patient satisfaction and increase retention.  

Get a quick overview video of Denticon Patient Engagement here.

Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices  

Of course, these are just a few of the many robust features and functionalities within Denticon that help DSOs and multi-site practices standardize, centralize, and grow. For an in-depth, personalized look at all Denticon has to offer, schedule a demo  today! 

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