NiceJob vs. Broadly: Which Is Best for Your Local Business Online Reputation?

A positive online reputation is critical to any local service business. It creates a shining brand image, while a negative reputation does the exact opposite.

A business with an excellent reputation is trusted by its customers and can earn more sales and increase profits. It will also retain more customers and convert them into brand advocates. Equally important, your reputation will enhance your brand value and competitive position.

In short, your reputation is as valuable as your intellectual property, business secrets and the people on your team – and that’s why you need to protect it. If your reputation largely depends on social media and online review sites, you must build a strong, positive and lasting online presence.

The best way to do this is to leverage an online reputation management tool like Broadly. Broadly helps local businesses attract leads, connect with customers, and automatically request reviews – all from one easy-to-use app.

If you are already using another reputation management tool like NiceJob – or look at it as a solution – you might want to consider switching to Broadly. While NiceJob can help you get more reviews, Broadly can do the same. But with Broadly you can also attract and engage with leads and convert them into new customers. This is just one compelling reason Broadly stands out from NiceJob. Read on to discover the others!

NiceJob vs. Broadly: Features Breakdown

Like the 6,000 other local businesses we serve, you can use Broadly to get more Google reviews and build a strong online reputation in your area. Broadly will also provide you with a custom-designed, responsive website, set up automated Web Chat,streamline text and email communications, and send itemized quotes and invoices.

You will be able to consistently provide 5-star customer experiences and position yourself as a solid brand to your target audience.

What else can you do with Broadly that you can’t do with NiceJob?

  • Get more relevant and frequent reviews to keep your business in the spotlight for longer
  • Leverage a single inbox that automatically consolidates leads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Broadly Web Chat, and website contact forms
  • Easily text and email leads and customers and view all communication from one centralized place
  • Instantly engage with website visitors and capture up to 2x more leads with Broadly Web Chat

You can also:

  • Drive new business and become the clear choice in your geographic area
  • Instantly engage customers with meaningful 1-on-1 conversations
  • Unite team members so they can collaborate closely to consistently deliver outstanding customer interactions and experiences

For a quick visual of the features-by-features comparison, see our Broadly vs. NiceJob features list here. 

Why Switch from NiceJob to Broadly?

NiceJob helps local companies build a stream of positive reviews, making it suitable for companies just getting started with their review outreach program.

But if you are ready to grow and scale your business with multiple online review sites, powerful word-of-mouth, and lead generation and conversion – you need a platform that can grow with you. You need Broadly.

Switching from NiceJob to Broadly also makes sense because:

A growing business can’t rely only on reviews

Your online presence and reputation can take your business two steps forward – or three steps back. To build a solid reputation among your digital-savvy customer base and power your business growth machine, you must get more reviews and capture more leads.

You also need to actually close these leads. And to do this, you need more than just reviews from review sites. Broadly’s unified app delivers the small business tools you need to take you to the next level.

Your NiceJob reviews are not really your own

Did you know that any online reviews you generate via NiceJob don’t actually belong to you? While you can pull your reviews on NiceJob, you can only do so as long as you use NiceJob. NiceJob owns your reviews, so if you ever leave the platform, you will automatically lose these reviews.

You spent so much time and energy building up your reputation with these reviews from various review sites. Can you really afford to lose them?!

Reviews on NiceJob won’t help your domain authority

NiceJob reviews are not local SEO-optimized, and they won’t really help customers find you. If anything, they will help customers find NiceJob. In contrast, Broadly’s reviews are indexable and SEO-optimized so you rank higher in local search results, strengthen your domain authority and help your customers to find your local business online.

Moreover, NiceJob reviews are prioritized on NiceJob hosting over Google, Facebook and multiple social media channels where your customers reside, again making it hard for them to find you. You won’t have any such problems with the right tool – Broadly.

Some other problems you could experience with NiceJob:

  • You will get too many (annoying) reviews reminders
  • Integrations often don’t automatically send review requests
  • Multi-business reviews are grouped together
  • If you are a multi-location business, you won’t be able to track online reviews for each location individually

Why You Need Broadly’s Local Business Tools

With Broadly, you can build a strong, lasting online presence and a reputation that helps you stand out in your area. Broadly helps local businesses attract leads, connect with customers, and automatically request reviews.

Plus, Broadly can empower you to provide a 5-star customer experience with the following local business tools:

    • Unlimited review requests for Google, Facebook, and other popular review sites
    • Automated Web Chat attracts and captures 2x more qualified leads
    • Consolidated team Inbox manages all leads and messages in one central place
    • Text & email communication allow you to reach leads and customers on-the-go
  • Saved Replies & templated messages help you decrease response time
  • Text-to-pay mobile invoicing simplifies the payment process so you get paid faster
  • Pay Over Time customer financing increases average order value for large jobs
  • Dashboard & Reports make it easy to track key performance insights

Take Your Online Reputation and Customer Experience from Meh to Wow with Broadly

Building a strong online reputation that helps your business stand out is very much possible – with the right tool for reputation management. With Broadly. See for yourself how Broadly can empower your business to build a robust online presence, capture and convert more leads, and transform more customers into loyal fans. Click here to start a 30-day  free trial.

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