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There’s just so much to learn about teeth aligners, especially with their popularity becoming rapid. To get started, you will need a reliable teeth aligners guide, especially with so many product manufacturers in the market. There can be quite an overwhelming amount of information that you can get online, especially where every manufacturer claims their products to be the best.

Having assisted many other readers, just like you, seeking legitimate and reliable information on general oral health tips and best products, we have compiled the ultimate teeth aligners guide of 2022 to help you navigate this lifestyle and also make a more informed decision.

Table of contents:

Top Teeth Aligners of 2022

Part 1: Best Clear Aligner Options

There are quite a several clear aligner brands in the market today. If you’re a first-timer, selecting an ideal option for your needs might be quite daunting. However, as a rule of thumb, there are a few considerations that you must make before settling on any.

Some of the key factors of consideration to help you narrow down your list include:

Teeth Aligners Ultimate Guide 2022 1
  • The material used – the best clear aligner options should be comfortable enough for you. The material should not injure or make you uncomfortable whenever you put them on.
  • Custom treatment plan – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario in teeth aligners. This is because each patient’s needs are different. The teeth aligner brands should be able to avail custom-made aligners for each patient based on their needs.
  • Efficiency – your preferred teeth aligners should have a proven track record of efficiency. It should be able to resolve various dental flaws to give a better, brighter smile.

Top Clear Aligners 2022

So, which teeth aligners are best? Based on a number of factors, such as efficiency and comfort, only a handful of brands make it to the list. However, as there are quite a number of them that you can easily find in the market or at your dentist, here’s a quick guide on the top brands to consider:

  • Invisalign: Invisalign was among the first brands to find their way into the Invisible aligners scene. It effectively treats various dental flaws with millions of satisfied customers globally.
    Having been one of the key pioneers in the industry, most people associate ‘Invisalign’ with clear aligners in general. If you’re searching for a clear aligner brand that’s trusted and recommended by dental experts and orthodontists, Invisalign should be among your first options.
  • Byte: Byte is a brand of at-home clear aligners offering orthodontic treatment to patients without going to a dentist. Although it is relatively new to the market, reviews on Byte aligners show they have quickly garnered popularity, thanks to their efficiency in treating various dental flaws and pocket-friendly prices.
  • Candid: Candid is yet another top teeth aligner brand that you can use for at-home treatment. Although this product has a higher price range than most other aligners, the higher costs come with a plethora of benefits.

One of the key benefits associated with Candid is that each patient receives an individualized treatment monitored by experienced orthodontists. Candid can be a good option if convenient; besides, getting your ideal smile is what you yearn for.

Check more details: Buyer’s Guide to Teeth Aligners 2022

Cheapest Teeth Aligners Brands

Finances have always been an obstacle to getting better dental care in most parts of the world. However, you don’t really have to dig deep into your pockets when looking for a preferable teeth aligner brand. So, what is the cheapest teeth aligner? Here are some of the most affordable yet effective, clear aligner brands to get:

  • Byte: You are most likely to get Byte on the most legitimate review sites when searching for the best and cheapest teeth aligners. Byte offers a fully at-home treatment plan with various payment options, including a monthly payment of $82 or a one-off payment of $1,895, making it one of the most affordable clear aligner brands you can get for its efficiency.
  • AlignerCo: If you only have mild orthodontic requirements and searching for a brand with the lowest sticker price, AlignerCo should be at the top of your mind. At only $1,145, AlignerCo saves you hundreds of dollars compared to most other competitors.
  • NewSmile: At only $1,395 or a monthly payment of $83, NewSmile tops most lists of the cheapest teeth aligners. Topping it up with free bonus features, this is a definite consideration for anyone looking to straighten their teeth but on a budget.

Check more details: 7 Most Affordable Teeth Straightening Aligners

Invisible Aligners in the UK: Brands, Cost, and More

There are a few invisible aligner brands available to UK residents that have built quite a good reputation over time. Like any other top clear aligner brands of 2022, the leading invisible aligners in the UK have been ranked for their efficiency, convenience, comfort, and customizable treatment plans.

Here are some of the top clear aligner brands to get in the UK:

  • Straight My Teeth: this is a well-known brand made from a transparent, medically approved Raintree Essix Plastic Sheet. Besides the comfort its primary material provides, Straight my Teeth focuses on customized orthodontic treatment for all patients, overseen by a team of dentists, dental technicians, and orthodontists.
  • Straight Teeth Direct: Straight Teeth Direct’s unique selling point is its fast delivery framework. The aligners are made with 3D printing techniques and then hand-finished for extra clarity and comfort.
  • Smilelign: You can get Smilelign clear teeth aligners in the UK from accredited dentists or orthodontists throughout the country. They will take impressions of your teeth, assess the situation, and send the impressions for the company to create the aligners. Your dentist will monitor your treatment every step of the way.
  • PlusDent: PlusDent is a British clear aligner brand available in over 7 European countries. You first have to get your scans taken by an accredited dentist, and you will get your set of aligners shipped to your home. PlusDent offers various incentives, such as free consultation and plan previews, alongside regular monitoring by their dentists.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is one of the most known clear aligner brands in the market, and it is also available for UK residents. The entire treatment is planned, modified, and monitored by an accredited orthodontist that you can easily find near you.

Learn more: Best Invisible Aligners in the UK: Brands, Cost, and All You Need to Know

Nighttime Clear Aligners: Are They Effective?

Some brands offer nighttime clear aligners as an alternative to their standard aligners. Nighttime aligners are clear aligners that are generally worn during nighttime. The recommended wear time is usually about 10 hours compared to the 22+ hours you need to adhere to for other aligners.

Some nighttime aligner brands are known to be effective in resolving minor dental flaws, like mild spacing and crowding.

The biggest setback for choosing nighttime aligners is that they are often more expensive than their counterparts. Furthermore, there’s a longer treatment duration for nighttime aligners. This means you may have to go for a few extra months when on nighttime aligner treatment than you would have for standard clear aligners.

Before settling on these, you may have to do a quick teeth aligners comparison as well as your needs to choose the best type of aligners for you.

Learn more: Nighttime Clear Aligners: Are They Effective?

Part 2: Invisalign

Teeth Aligners Ultimate Guide 2022 2

Invisalign is known to be one of the pioneer brands for clear aligners. This is also one of the most popular aligners for teeth straightening that has consistently shown its efficiency. Today, most people will associate the term ‘Invisalign’ when they actually mean the general aspect of clear aligners.

However, there are many other new clear aligner brands that have clearly shown to give Invisalign a run for its money. Most of these new brands claim to use newer technology and offer ‘better’ incentives than Invisalign.

But is Invisalign still worth the hype?

Does Invisalign Really Work?

Invisalign is an incredibly popular clear aligner brand that offers an alternative orthodontic treatment for mild to moderate bite issues. Furthermore, backed by decades of experience and research, Invisalign has proven to be an effective option even for some severe bite issues.

Thanks to its method of operation in-office treatments patients getting Invisalign treatment are assured of personalized in-person care. Moreover, its top-notch materials and supplemental attachments make Invisalign offer unrivaled efficiency, especially compared to teeth aligners at home.

Learn more reading our Invisalign Review.

What to Look For and How to Find an Invisalign Doctor?

One of the biggest setbacks or perhaps advantages of Invisalign is that the treatment can only be administered by an accredited orthodontist. But, with so many options available in your region, what do you look for, and how do you find a good Invisalign doctor?

Here’s a more detailed review on how to find an Invisalign doctor.

State-Level Information: The Average Cost of Invisalign

The average cost of Invisalign ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. However, it can sometimes be as low as $2,800 or as high as $8,000. There are many factors that impact the total cost of Invisalign. Some of them include:

  • Your location
  • The severity of the condition
  • The length of your treatment
  • Your Invisalign doctor

Exactly how much do teeth aligners cost? To give you a clearer overview of the cost of Invisalign based on your location, here’s a comprehensive guide that looks at Invisalign cost.

Find your location info: The average cost of Invisalign by state.

Part 3: Byte

Byte is one of the brands that came to give Invisalign a run for its money. This online service ships custom clear aligners directly to your doorstep. Although their aligners look and feel similar to Invisalign, there’s a huge difference in how they function and how you can get them.

Unlike Invisalign, Byte treatment does not require a single trip to the dentist. Instead, all Byte’s treatment plans are curated and remotely monitored by their team of licensed orthodontists and dental technicians.

To get started with your treatment, you simply have to order an impression kit from Byte and take 3D molds of your teeth. Thereafter, you will send the impressions back to Byte for their team to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for their treatment.

Once confirmed, the team will develop a customized treatment plan and send you a digital preview of what your smile will look like after treatment. If you’re happy, they will create the aligners, which will be shipped directly to you when ready.

Here’s a complete byte Review for more information.

What Is and How Does HyperByte Work?

Teeth Aligners Ultimate Guide 2022 3

Byte’s unique selling point is its quick treatment time, made possible by HyperByte, Byte’s own patented technology.

According to the company, HyperByte is a tooth movement acceleration device that uses High-frequency Vibrations (HFV) to safely increase tooth movements by up to 64%. This device uses soft micro pulses transmitted through the roots of teeth and the surrounding bone. The gentle vibrations are said to reduce discomfort during treatment.

Ideally, the whole concept of HyperBye is to get the patients better results within a short period.

To understand more about this technology, here’s a complete review of HyperByte.

What Are Byte At-Night Aligners?

Teeth Aligners Ultimate Guide 2022 4

Byte at-night aligners are clear aligners from Byte that are specifically made to be worn at night. These aligners are recommended for people with a busy lifestyle or those that simply don’t want to wear their aligners during the day.

Nighttime aligners function the same way as the standard all-day aligners, just that they offer more convenience and comfort. You only have to wear them for at least 10 hours every day, compared to at least 22 hours for the all-day aligners.

The only setback to these types of aligners from Byte is that they are more costly, and the treatment time will be longer.

Check out our complete review: Byte At-Night Aligners: Do They Really Work?

How Much Does Byte Clear Aligners Cost?

There are two payment options for Byte clear aligners, depending on the type you opt for. Byte offers an all-day aligner system that requires patients to have them on for at least 22 hours every day and nighttime aligners that you wear when going to bed.

The company offers two payment options: a one-off payment or monthly installments.
Here’s a summary table for the expected costs:

One-off payment $1,895
Byte Protection Plan™ (for $649) not included
Byte Protection Plan™ (for $649) not included
Byte Protection Plan™ (for $779) not included
Monthly installment plan $249 down payment
$82/ month for 32 months
$299 down payment
$99/ month for 32 months

For a deeper overview, check out the true cost of Byte clear aligners.

Teeth Aligners Cost & Insurance Option

Different clear aligner brands have their unique pricing structures, each backing their decision to price their products that way. However, did you know that some brands allow insurance coverage on their clear aligner brands?

Get to find out all the cost implications of teeth aligners in 2022.

Part 4: Cost of Teeth Aligners

To understand the total cost of aligners, it would be prudent to note that there are two different types of clear aligners: at-home clear aligners and in-office aligners.

  • In-office clear aligners require one to get the treatment and monitoring done by a licensed orthodontist. Brands such as Invisalign do not offer any other treatment plan besides the dentist’s office.
  • At-home clear aligners offer a flexible treatment plan where no dental visits are necessary. Everything is done remotely, including treatment monitoring. Brands such as Byte are some of the leading brands in this category.

So, how much do clear aligners cost?

Clear Aligners Cost in The UK

Clear aligners cost on average £1,300 – £5,500 in the UK. Most people reportedly pay between £2,500 and £3,000 for the entire treatment.

Invisalign, one of the most popular clear aligner brands in the UK, costs between £2,500 and £5,500. The exact cost depends on various factors like the severity of the condition, the location, and the doctor’s rates.

PlusDent and Smile Teeth Direct are some of the most affordable clear aligners in the UK. Prices for PlusDent start at £1,390, while you can get Smile Teeth Direct for as low as £1,350.
Here’s a complete overview to answer your question: How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost in The UK?

Clear Aligners Cost Comparison

There are many clear aligner brands to choose from. Based on your needs, you can either go for at-home or in-office clear aligners. To help you get a better overview, here’s a summarized table with the cost implications of a few popular clear aligner brands:

Invisalign $3,000-$8,000 Depends on the provider
Clear Correct $2,500–$5,500 Depends on the treatment
SmileDirectClub $2,050 $89/month
Candid $2,400 Depends on the provider
NewSmile $1,395 $83/month
Byte $1,895-$2,295 $82-$99/month
AlignerCo $1,145 $99/month

Here’s our full clear aligners cost comparison for further insights.

Cost of Invisalign in California & other States

The cost of Invisalign in California ranges between $4,500 and $9,000. Due to California’s high cost of living, above-average tax rates, and densely populated places, you may expect to pay a little higher than many other states for Invisalign treatment.

The exact cost of Invisalign in California that you will have to pay depends on various factors, including the severity of your condition, the length of treatment, the doctor’s rates, and the location. You will be expected to pay higher in urban centers compared to more rural setups.

Looking for more information? Get the full cost of Invisalign state by state on our comprehensive review.

Part 5: Dental Orthodontic Insurance

Orthodontic treatment is relatively costly, regardless of the option you go for. For instance, Invisalign and other clear aligner brands may take you back up to $9,000 for the whole treatment. This price tag is relatively high, and not everyone may be able to afford easily paying it all up.

Fortunately, you can reduce your overall cost of orthodontic treatment through insurance. But are teeth aligners covered by insurance?

Read more here: Best Orthodontic Insurance Options of 2022

Are Invisible Aligners Covered by Delta Dental

Delta Dental does not cover DIY at-home clear aligners. However, some Delta Dental plans can cover in-office aligners, like Invisalign. However, you may have to get an orthodontist registered with the insurer before claiming financial assistance with your orthodontic treatment.

Find out more on Delta Dental orthodontics coverage.

Does USAA Cover Invisible Aligners?

USAA has various dental insurance plans that cater to orthodontic treatment. The company’s policy doesn’t state the limitations to the orthodontic treatment used, meaning USAA covers invisible aligners.

USAA offers dental and orthodontic coverage through Cigna and IHC. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Cigna Dental 1500: this plan covers up to $1,000 worth of your orthodontic treatment, hence taking away much of the cost of your invisible aligner treatment.
  • IHC Dental: although you will have to get a quote directly from the company regarding how much the plan can cover you for, the PPO plan includes orthodontic coverage for individuals and families.

USAA: Does it cover invisible aligners? Find out more in our comprehensive review.

Are Invisible Aligners Covered by Cigna?

There are various dental plans under Cigna. However, only the Cigna Dental 1500 covers orthodontic treatment. Moreover, depending on your condition or requirements, the plan may only partially cover your treatment.

Cigna: Does it cover invisible aligners? Find out more in this review.

Aflac: Does It Cover Invisible Aligners?

Aflac’s dental plans do not technically cover orthodontia. However, you can get the Orthodontic Benefit Rider as a supplement to your cover, and you can get orthodontic coverage for up to $1,400 per person in a lifetime.

Get more details on our post: Aflac: Does It Cover Invisible Aligners?

Part 6: Clear Aligner Coupons & Discounts

Clear aligners are quite expensive, and for someone without the right dental insurance, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to afford them. Even if you have dental insurance coverage, you may still have to pay a lot from your own pocket, as most insurance companies do not offer full coverage for your orthodontic treatment.

Getting teeth aligner coupons and discounts for 2022 is a simple task that can be equally daunting to someone who doesn’t know where to look for them. Here’s how to simplify your search for these promos and offers.

 Best Online Clear Aligners Discounts & Coupons

Save money by getting some of the best clear aligner discounts and coupons that you can get online.

Here are some of the major brands to check out:

  • Get $100 OFF on Byte aligners: Get up to $100 off your next Byte treatment by using the promo code BYTEBLOG2021. This code is exclusive to The Teeth Blog, and you, our reader, will save a lot for your entire treatment. You can also use this Byte Coupon to get the impression kit at only $14.95 instead of the standard $95.

Byte also offers a $150 military discount for all those still in the service and retired alike.

Furthermore, students and forest responders are also eligible for special discounts from Byte. If you fall under any of the two categories, you can reach out to the company regarding getting a coupon code by emailing student@byteme.com or firstresponders@byteme.com, respectively.

  • Get $200 OFF on Candid aligners: Get up to $200 off from your treatment when purchasing the aligners from a CandidCo store. You can also get a starter kit at 90% off for only $9 using this CandidCo coupon.
  • Get $100 OFF on NewSmile aligners: The Teeth Blog readers can comfortably get an exclusive $100 off on their NewSmile treatment by using the promo code TBDEAL. You can also stand a chance to get additional discounts by using this NewSmile Coupon. Moreover, military personnel are eligible for a $200 military discount.
  • Get $150 OFF on AlignerCo: Save up to $150 on AlignerCo by applying our exclusive promo code TEETH150. You will be eligible for discounts on the SmileAdvantage, Night Advantage, SmileFlex, and NightFlex plans. Military service members are also eligible for an additional $50 off their treatment.
  • Get a $29 SmileDirectClub kit for FREE: Reviews on Smile Direct Club show that they are among the best in the market. Get to use these aligners at a cheaper cost by using our exclusive promo code SMILE2SAVE to get a $29 impression kit free with a rebate. You can apply our SmileDirectClub coupon for additional discounts and promos.

For instance, you stand to get up to $100 off the cost of your treatment if you are a teacher, military, or student.

Find more of the best online clear aligners discounts & coupons.

Invisalign Discounts 2022: How to Find One?

Invisalign is a costly treatment, and getting the right discounts can help lessen the burden of paying a hefty price for treatment. It would be prudent to note that since Invisalign doesn’t directly deal with the patients, you may not easily come across Invisalign discounts on their website. This is because everything falls on the provider.

Here’s how you can get Invisalign discounts in 2022:

  • Look for offers from providers
  • Look out for Invisalign promotions
  • Use the payment plans offered by Invisalign partners

You can ask your orthodontist about the various payment plans they may have for Invisalign treatment and choose the one that works best for you. Be sure to compare the plans and offers from different dentists and clinics.

Here’s a more detailed report on our post: Invisalign Discounts 2022: How to Find One?

Best Byte Promo Code May 2022

Use the promo code BYTEBLOG2021 for an exclusive $100 off your next Byte aligners order. You can also use our Byte Coupon to get 84% off the impression kit, only pay $14.95 instead of the standard price of $95.

Here’s the complete list of the best Byte promo code for May 2022.

Best AlignerCo Coupons in 2022

Use our exclusive AlignerCo Coupon and get $250 off your next AlignerCo order. This offer is only available on the Smile Advantage plan. You can also use our promo code TEETH150 to get $150 off your treatment. The promo code can be applied to the Smile Advantage, Night Advantage, SmileFlex, and NightFlex plans.

Here’s the full list of the best AlignerCo coupons in 2022.

Aligners & Orthodontic Problems

If your orthodontic problems are not severe, you may be a good candidate for a clear aligner. Clear aligners are growing in popularity because they offer a more aesthetic solution to straightening teeth.

They consist of explicit and nearly invisible materials, so you don’t have to worry about people noticing them. In addition, you can remove them so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods while undergoing treatment. But do teeth aligners really work?

The aligners work in the same way as traditional braces. They gradually move teeth into the correct position over time.

Here is a better overview to help you better understand clear aligners and the orthodontic problems they may resolve.

Part 7: Orthodontic Issues

orthodontic issues clear aligners guide

Almost everyone has dealt with orthodontic issues at some time. Orthodontic issues can be frustrating, whether it is a crooked tooth or an overbite. Thankfully, there are many ways to handle orthodontic problems.

Orthodontic treatments typically begin during adolescence when patients’ mouths are still growing. However, adults can benefit from these procedures. But are teeth aligners effective in resolving these orthodontic issues?

What Orthodontic Issues Can Invisalign Fix?

Orthodontic problems can be embarrassing and annoying, but you do not have to live with an unpleasant smile. Thanks to Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you are wearing brackets.

So, what orthodontic issues can Invisalign fix?

Below are some of the most common dental problems Invisalign can help with:

  1. Overbite
  2. Overjet
  3. Crossbite
  4. Overcrowding
  5. Gapped Teeth

Can Invisalign Fix Overbites and Other Problems?

You can use Invisalign for various orthodontic issues, from overcrowding to gaps between teeth, crossbites, underbites, and overbites. Many factors determine whether or not Invisalign is right for you.

It depends on what correction needs to get done and how well the patient can comply with wearing their aligners. If you need only minor modifications (like gaps and tilting), then Invisalign may be right. If your case is more complicated, for example, if you have an overbite or an underbite due to jaw misalignment, you may have to seek traditional orthodontics first.

Read more on our comprehensive guide: Can Invisalign Fix Overbites and Other Problems?

Procedures for Fixing Misaligned Teeth

There are several ways to fix misaligned teeth. The best approach gets determined by your specific needs and goals and your overall oral health. Your dentist can help you decide which choice is right for you.

Each procedure has pros and cons, and they all require a certain amount of maintenance. It’s also important to remember that none of these options will give you movie-star quality results overnight. Each requires a significant commitment of time and effort over time, often in the form of wearing a retainer after the procedure is complete.

Here is a complete guide for further reading: Procedures for Fixing Misaligned Teeth.

  1. Clear Aligners
  2. Crowns and Bridges
  3. Braces

Last Set of Clear Teeth Aligners

Suppose you’ve been wearing your last set of clear teeth aligners. After months of commitment to the treatment, your new smile is on its way. You’re finally moving into the “refinement” stage of care.

The refinement stage typically lasts between one and three months and consists of wearing a retainer at night to keep your teeth in their new position.

With the last set of aligners behind you, now is the perfect time to talk with your orthodontist about whether or not you need a retainer to maintain your beautiful new smile. Depending on your brand, you’re likely to receive the retainers as part of your teeth aligners kit.

Part 8: Retainers

Retainers are plastic, removable appliances worn at night and during the day to hold your teeth in position. You will receive a retainer after your braces come off and no longer get treatment.

Retainers help with the final stage of treatment called retention. Your orthodontist will determine when you should wear your retainer based on how well your teeth move into place and how long they stay there after moving.

Types of Retainers

There are two types of retainers, fixed and removable.

  1. Fixed Retainers
type of clear aligner fixed retainer

A fixed retainer helps when the back teeth need help to stay straight because they tend to shift position. The fixed retainer is a thin wire permanently attached to the backside of the front six to ten teeth.

The retainer keeps these teeth from shifting out of alignment and keeps them in their new straight position. You can use this retainer alone or another type, such as a removable retainer.

  1. Removable Retainers
types of retainers removable aligners

A removable retainer gets used when the front teeth need help staying in their new position after removing braces. The removable retainer is similar to an Invisalign tray and contains metal or plastic wires that hold the teeth in place.

A removable retainer is worn all day for the first few months, then just at night for several years afterward, to ensure your smile stays perfect. They last an average of 10 years if you take good care of them.

Essix and Vivera retainers are good examples of removable retainers. They are made out of clear plastic and resemble teeth aligners. A Hawley retainer also falls into this category, but they are made from a combination of metal wire and either acrylic or plastic.

Read more on these types of retainers in our post: Types of Retainers: Hawley vs Essix vs Vivera.

How to Fix a Broken Plastic Retainer

In the case of a broken plastic retainer, you must leave it to the experts, especially if it is a permanent one. Only dental professionals can handle dental cement and medical-grade adhesives needed to repair your retainer.

Superglue and other adhesives often contain toxic chemicals that should never get exposed to your mouth.

You can purchase medical-grade adhesives over the counter, but fixing them yourself can damage the material. You may damage your teeth or gums if you do the job incorrectly.

Alternatively, you can easily get teeth straightening retainers online.

Here’s a complete guide on how to fix a cracked plastic retainer.

How to Clean Retainers

Retainers are a great way to keep your teeth straight after dental work. However, over time they can get dirty and stained. Cleaning retainers regularly will help to keep them looking good and working correctly.

Step 1: Remove the retainer from your mouth and rinse it with warm water. The best way to do this is by running water through the holes in the retainer and rinsing with your fingers. Make sure that there is no food or saliva left on the retainer before you start cleaning it.

Step 2: Use a soft toothbrush to clean off any stains or dirt from your retainer using warm water and toothpaste. After every meal, you should do this to avoid missing areas that may need cleaning when you are not wearing your retainer.

Step 3: Dry off any excess water from the retainer using a towel or paper towel before placing it back into storage or returning it to your mouth for use again.

We have a comprehensive guide on how to clean retainers in the most effective way.

What Should You Read Next?

There’s much to know about invisible aligners. This clear teeth aligners guide has, however, covered the key nitty-gritty of the products, giving you a deeper look into the industry.

So, what should you read next?

Part 9: Exploring Popular Aligner Brands

Setting out to purchase clear aligners is a huge investment. Before you can spend thousands of dollars on any brand, it would be prudent to do your due diligence first. Besides knowing the major brands mentioned in this post, there are many others that are also worth checking out.

Even though a brand may be fairly new in the market, you can always give it a try and see what everyone else says about them.

Uniform Teeth Aligners Review

Having been founded in 2018, Uniform Teeth Aligners are a clear aligner startup based out of San Francisco and Chicago. The company takes the approach of combining top-notch in-office orthodontic care topped with convenient communication and monitoring.

Although the brand is currently only available in the two locations, there’s been increasingly positive Uniform Teeth reviews making this product a definite consideration.

For more information, you can read our review of Uniform Teeth aligners.

Spark Aligners Reviews

Spark aligners are some of the latest entrants into the world of clear aligners. The company uses cutting-edge technology to create clearer, more comfortable, and stain-resistant products.

To get these aligners, you’ll have to get started by visiting one of their accredited dental clinics, where you’ll get personalized care and treatment.
Here’s the full review of Spark aligners for your consideration.

Smile Direct Club Review: Our Honest Opinion

Smile Direct Club is one of the oldest of the new era teeth aligners. Once you get into their website, you will be presented with a quick questionnaire to determine your candidacy for the product.

If you are a right fit, the company will ask you to get a free 3D scan of your teeth done at one of their shops near you, or you can simply order an impression kit online. Once you get the impression kit, you will take impressions of your teeth and send them back to the company.

The process for getting Smile Direct Club is pretty straightforward. With the many positive reviews online, it can be right to claim that this product is pretty effective.

Read more: Review of Smile Direct Club.


There’s so much to learn about clear aligners. However, with our teeth aligners guide, you are more than well-equipped to research and select the right brand for your needs. While Invisalign is one of the most popular brands having had decades of market share, some newer brands have come out to give it a huge competition.

The likes of Byte, CandidCo, and Smile Direct Club have all emerged with better pricing models and incentives.
Nevertheless, even though you can easily get the smile you want from your home using our reviewed at-home aligners, The Teeth Blog advises our readers not to forget regular dental checkups as that’s a vital part of your oral health.


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