The future of dentistry for digital professionals

digital dentistry in future

What jobs will be in demand for dental professionals in the future?

With the emergence of digital CAD/CAM chair side equipment and oral scanning tools, the traditional oral medical model and denture processing and production model will be reshuffled in the future, and small laboratories will appear in large numbers, covering many close clinics. The denture processing time is shortened, and the patient can wear the denture on the same day.

Compared with the traditional dental alginate impression-taking technology, the digital scanning impression technology improves the accuracy and reduces the error. The establishment of a digital aesthetic denture studio is: scanner + digital dental technician + dental clinic chairside equipment = denture processing central kitchen new mode.

Dental Alginate Mixers
Traditional impression taken from digital dental alginate mixer

Digital dental technicians assist dentists: impression taking, scanning, computer design, transfer to factory or own denture workshop for processing. Avoid communication barriers between physicians and technicians and improve the accuracy of restorations and models. Reduce the clinical operation steps of dentists, thereby improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

What is a digital dental technician?

Also known as digital dental technician, it uses the professional knowledge of dental restoration that has been learned and mastered to repair tooth defects, missing dentition, deformed teeth, etc. in the oral cavity, and restore its natural form, chewing function and aesthetic requirements.

Digital dental technicians will become a new vocabulary and a new profession in the oral medical industry. This is caused by the trend of digital oral cavity and the inevitable result of the development of the times.

Digital oral diagnosis and treatment is a work that is coordinated and completed by doctors and technicians. Generally, the technicians lack the understanding of the actual situation of the patients in the clinic. Especially for the remote processing method of restorations, the technicians cannot visit the site in person. Therefore, good medical technology exchange has become a key link in the success of restoration.

At present, the main communication is through the way of denture production and design form, supplemented by telephone communication. The doctor should be very familiar with the process of denture making, and inform the technician as much as possible about his own design and the patient’s requirements through the form, and the technician should make the denture according to the design of the clinician.

In order to realize the complete solution of oral digital chairside, it is necessary to make a restoration that meets individual needs for patients under the condition of understanding the principles and plans of doctors’ clinical diagnosis and treatment. There are two types of denture restorations: one is fixed denture restoration and the other is removable removable denture restoration.

Based on the digital studio as the basic unit platform, create a franchised central kitchen-style personalized customized aesthetic denture studio. Small intelligent manufacturing units are set up in public hospitals and private clinics to complete on-site processing beside dental chairs and immediate dental implants for patients. Improve work efficiency and provide the best experience for patients.

The future of denture processing will turn to the development of a central kitchen. With the increasing popularity of medical aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry has ushered in the best era in history, and more and more people are showing their desire and pursuit of “beautiful teeth”.

It is precisely because of the development of the denture processing industry that the clinical work mode and process are changing, and the requirements for technicians and doctors are also changing. For technicians, it is very important to master modern science and technology and new materials such as digital technology on the basis of theoretical knowledge of oral cavity. At present, denture processing has gradually changed from handicraft industry to covering digital technology and engineering knowledge. This requires technicians to pay more attention to continuing education and keep up with the latest technology. At the same time, doctors must constantly update their own knowledge and technology, master the latest information and models of denture processing, so as to better serve patients.

Self-built technician studios in dental clinics are worth promoting. At present, the cooperation between dental medical institutions and technicians has the advantage of fine customization based on patient dental models provided by hospitals and dentists, especially the concept of aesthetic restoration. Dentures are required not only to be usable, but also to be beautiful and comfortable to meet the needs of patients to the greatest extent possible. In the production process, numerous technicians are required to participate in manual production, and each piece is different in shape, specification, size and color.

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