Tips to Help Your Pet Training Business Thrive

Operating a pet training business can be incredibly rewarding. Every day, you tackle new challenges, help your clients and their four-legged friends develop strong relationships, and make people happy.

Of course, you already know all of this. That is why you wanted to open a pet training business in the first place.

However, many independent business owners are searching for ways to make their services more accessible and continue thriving in a down economy. While everyone would love to have an obedient, well-mannered pet, some potential customers may hesitate to pay for pet training services.

The good news is that you can help more pet parents and their furry companions access your services by offering loans through LendingUSA. Providing financing opportunities yields many benefits for your customers, their pets, your business, and your staff.

Navigating the Down Economy

As a small business owner, a down economy presents many challenges for your company. One of the biggest hurdles you may encounter is that many potential clients need more money on hand to cover non-essential expenses.

As a dog training professional, you understand that a pet’s behavior will profoundly impact a family dynamic. The behavior of untrained pets can negatively impact their owner’s quality of life. The pet will also experience a reduced quality of life; for example, they’ll have fewer opportunities to socialize with people and other animals.

Unfortunately, many pet parents do not realize the negative implications of skipping pet training. However, you can do the work to make your services more financially accessible as you navigate the ever-changing economy.

If you can convert a hefty one-time expense into a manageable monthly payment for your clients, you will likely experience an uptick in sales and revenue. Loans are the perfect tool for empowering your clients to spread out the cost of pet training services.

Benefits of Providing Customer Financing

Providing customer financing with loans through LendingUSA will enable you to:

Increase Sales and Total Revenue

Loans through LendingUSA will help your clients afford your services. When they take out a loan through us, they will pay for their pet training via affordable monthly payments.

We understand that cash flow is critical to the success of your business. Because of this, instead of waiting for your client to make monthly payments, you will receive a lump-sum payment once the loan is finalized. We strive to have your funds disbursed in days rather than weeks.

When you make it easy for customers to cover the costs of pet training, you will likely see your sales and revenue rise. You can pour this extra revenue back into your company to fuel future growth, stash it for a rainy day, or explore other business opportunities.

Regardless of how you leverage these additional funds, boosting revenue will promote business stability and continuity.

Make Your Services More Accessible

Chances are that you started your business because you are passionate about helping customers develop strong relationships with their pets — so making your services more accessible should be at the top of your priority list.

How can customers benefit from your pet training expertise if they cannot afford your services? The answer is that they cannot.

Fortunately, you can make your services affordable and accessible with loans through LendingUSA. When applying for financing through our platform, your customers can access funding to cover the total cost of services. They can also choose from various loan terms in order to keep their monthly payment manageable.

Develop a Loyal Customer Base

Have cost concerns hindered your ability to develop a loyal customer base? Are you ready to grow your business by providing world-class services and top-notch customer support?

By offering financing options, you can eliminate many customers’ cost concerns. This will lead customers to develop a sense of loyalty toward your business, as you can provide quality, affordable services they could not otherwise access.

Ultimately, your loyal following will help you attract new customers, since loyal clients are more likely to refer friends and family to your business. They are also more likely to leave you positive reviews on Google and social media platforms. Cumulatively, these actions will have a significant impact on the health of your business.

Improve Employee Morale

Your employees don’t like disappointing customers any more than you do. However, if you are currently not offering any financing options, you could be setting your team up for failure.

When a prospective customer calls to inquire about pricing information, your team has no choice but to wait anxiously while the potential client contemplates whether they can afford your services.

For clients who need help making a purchase, your team can help by suggesting a loan through LendingUSA as an option. They can be problem solvers, not bearers of bad news. Your employees’ morale will skyrocket when they are empowered to help clients obtain the pet training services they need.

Help Your Clients Manage Their Debt

Loans through LendingUSA can be excellent tools for helping customers manage their debt since they’re fixed loans.

Suppose that a potential customer has been working toward financial freedom but also needs pet training services. This individual may not be able to afford your services out of pocket but is committed to getting their pet trained by your professional staff.

To cover training costs, they decide to put your services on a high-interest credit card. They could end up paying hundreds of dollars in interest and must contend with a fluctuating monthly payment. Although you made a sale, your customer may have just undermined their own road to financial freedom.

Loans from LendingUSA feature fixed monthly payments, and customers may even be eligible for a zero-interest loan—provided they repay the funds within the promotional period*.

A partnership with LendingUSA will not just empower you to boost sales, but it could also help your clients manage their debt through fixed loans. If you want to unlock all of these financing benefits and help your customers achieve their financial goals, schedule a LendingUSA demo today.

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