Top 10 Reasons Dentists Hire a Professional Dental Blog Writer –

Top 10 Reasons Dentists Hire a Professional Dental Blog Writer

Let’s dive right in! Here are the top 10 reasons you should hire Identiwrite Creative to strategically write high-ranking dental blogs for your practice:

  1. Improve Your Google Ranking
  2. Increase Your Website Traffic
  3. Boost Online Authority (and Domain Authority)
  4. Create Keyword Diversity
  5. Develop More Long-Tail Keywords
  6. Acquire High-Quality Backlinks
  7. Improve User Time on Your Site
  8. Produce Social Media Content
  9. Appear Engaged and Professional to Site Visitors
  10. Save Time and Leverage Your Resources

Each of these reasons is explored in more detail below. Give us a call today at 972-679-6885 to learn more about how SEO Power Blogs will drive more new patient calls.

#1: Improve Your Google Ranking

“Google Ranking” refers to the position in which a website shows up in search engine results pages. Everyone wants to be in position one on page one, but only 10 listings show up on each Google page. 

There are only 10 positions on page one of Google for each keyword.

The bigger your website, meaning the greater number of pages and informative content published on your website, the better. Google values original content more than anything else you can offer the search engine giant, and as a benefit, publishing content on the internet is absolutely free. 

Our job is to produce high-quality, keyword-rich text and publish it on your website. Doing this will boost your Google rankings, guaranteed!

#2 Increase Your Website Traffic

As a natural side effect of ranking higher for keywords your potential patients search for, your site will attract more website traffic. 

The key is selecting keywords that potential patients are actually looking for, and that takes SEO research. 

At Identiwrite Creative, our SEO experts will evaluate a plethora of data to discover which keyword phrases your potential patients search for on Google. Then, your dental blog writer will develop an editorial calendar to focus on those keywords when composing your blogs. Our work doesn’t end there.

Next, we will evaluate current site rank every 30 days by comparing it to previous months’ rankings. This tells us which keyword phrases to keep on the editorial calendar and which to move forward to future months. 

Once your site achieves position one on page one for a given keyword phrase, you’ll need to keep the momentum up to maintain that coveted position. An Identiwrite Creative dental blog writer can make certain this happens for you.

#3 Boost Your Online Authority (and Domain Authority)

Online authority, and a website’s Google Domain Authority Score (GDA), improve as a website grows. Regularly publishing original blog posts helps tremendously, as do increasing site traffic, ranking, and backlinks. Sites with higher GDA scores tend to rank higher, longer.

#4 Create More Keyword Diversity

With every page and blog posted to your website, keyword diversity increases. 

For instance, your Identiwrite Creative dental blog writer may compose a blog about porcelain veneers. That blog will naturally feature related keywords like smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry, cost of veneers, etc. These also can be keywords, even if they aren’t mentioned multiple times. A blog focused on the keyword phrase porcelain veneers may show up in search results for other keywords in the copy. 

Thus, with each blog, visibility in search results increases.

#5 Develop More Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that we wouldn’t think to include in an editorial calendar, and they’re longer than the one-to-three-word keywords or keyword phrases we usually consider when strategically composing a blog. 

For instance, I wrote a blog about porcelain veneers, and in it I used a quote from a patient. This particular patient called the spaces that appear where her gums had receded “black triangles between [her] teeth.” Months later, when reviewing search data for the site, I found that the site had acquired more than a few visitors for the term “black triangles between teeth.” This phrase is a long-tail keyword, and it occurred naturally in the content; we did not focus on it as a keyword phrase when planning the editorial calendar or writing the blog post.

Give us a call today at 972-679-6885 to learn more about how SEO Power Blogs can drive your new patient calls.

#6 Acquire High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks refers to URL links coming into your website. Google appreciates backlinks because they show that someone valued your webpage or blog enough to link to it. Backlinks definitely play into Google Domain Authority and, thus, they can improve your overall SEO rankings.

In the past, webmasters abused the system by going to link farms and purchasing backlinks. Because the sites that featured the backlinks were spammy and really quite useless, Google blacklisted link farms. 

What Google wants instead are naturally-earned backlinks that spring from one webmaster valuing a webpage or blog post enough to link it from his/her own site.

#7 Improve User Time on Your Website

Google also evaluates the amount of time a user spends on a website or webpage. Two minutes is the goal, and if users remain on your site longer than that, awesome! 

Reaching the goal of two minutes per site visitor may seem difficult, but if websites and blogs are written by a professional dental blog writer, they should attract potential patients who seek the good information your site copy provides. These visitors will actually read content, follow links, and stay on your website for a good amount of time. 

#8 Produce Interesting Social Media Content

Every blog you publish should be shared to multiple social media accounts. Identiwrite Creative shares our clients’ blogs on their business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites as requested. 

In addition, dentists should share their own business’ blog posts to their personal social media profiles. Smart dentists ask their employees to do the same. The more visibility your social media posts accrue, the better!

#9 Appear Engaged and Tech Savvy

An awesome-looking website that’s user friendly and interactive makes your practice look professional, polished, and enticing.

Furthermore, if your site features weekly blogs, both humans and Google’s bots will see that you are actively engaged in:

(1) educating patients and potential patients, 

(2) expanding your website as an online resource, and 

(3) valuing internet technology, so you probably have a technologically advanced dental practice.

#10 Save Time and Leverage Your Resources

The last reason dentists should hire Identiwrite Creative as their dental blog writing service is to save time, while also leveraging a major marketing resource, your website. 

Do any of these describe you?

  • You don’t have time to learn how to do SEO research and perform it each month
  • You don’t have time to write, publish, and share your blogs
  • You simply don’t like or aren’t good at writing
  • You don’t want to have to come up with ideas for writing blogs

If so, you need Identiwrite Creative on your team! 

Your Dental Blog Writer Is Here

With our competitive pricing and experienced SEO copywriters, you can rest assured that Identiwrite Creative is the best dental writing service available. We serve dentists in the USA and other English-speaking nations, including the UK, Australia, and Canada. Give us a call today at 972-679-6885 to learn more about how SEO Power Blogs can drive your new patient calls.

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