Top 5 Benefits of Apteryx – Part 1: Why Apteryx Series

If you’re in the market for dental imaging software, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Planet DDS, we’re changing the game – pushing further and further into the future with our innovative spirit.  

With 20+ years of experience in advanced imaging solutions, Apteryx is a leading cloud-based dental imaging software dedicated to removing obstacles with effortless image capturing, storing, and optimizing. Our innovative technology offers superior all-in-one dental imaging software designed to make your life and your patients’ lives easier! 

Apteryx Statistics

  • 10,000+ practices trust Apteryx Imaging  
  • Large DSOs (American Dental Partners, North American Dental Group, Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care, etc.) 
  • Thousands of solo and midsized group practices (Midtown Dentistry, Park Dental, etc.)  
  • 20+ years of industry experience 

We know how important it is to choose not only the right imaging software for you, your practice, and your patients, but also you trust and are excited to work with. Here at Apteryx, you are our priority! 

1. Device Agnostic

Everyone has different versions of the “perfect” workflow system. We understand the importance of being highly efficient and having the best optimized system for your practice. Apteryx embraces open architecture, encouraging you to choose the hardware and software best fit for you!  

This feature grants our imaging solution a seamless integration with many imaging hardware and practice management solutions!  

Benefits of Apteryx’s Device Agnostic System Include:

  • Freedom to choose imaging devices 
  • Seamless integration  
  • Easy transition when acquiring practices 
  • Open file format 

Apteryx’s DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) imaging format allows your images to be saved in open format, the standard in healthcare. This improves communication, especially with 3rd parties when images must be shared for referrals, and organization by attaching patient information to images. DICOM also saves money while forgoing complicated data conversions when switching to a new system. 

Learn More About How DICOM Can Benefit You

2. Cloud Access Anywhere

Did you know 82% of dental and health companies – according to Forbes – are switching to cloud?  

With thousands of dental practices migrating to cloud-enabled imaging software, the fear of being stuck in the past is very easy to feel. Don’t worry! With cloud, you’re granted more flexibility and accessibility than on-premise imaging systems.  

Benefits of Cloud Include:

  • HIPAA compliant sharing portal 
  • Image optimization tools via the web 
  • Real-time image sharing with referrals and offices  
  • Continuous data backups and disaster recovery  
  • Automatic updates 

This untethered access also allows you to securely access and share images with colleagues, outside providers, and insurance companies. 

3. Built to Scale and Grow

Whether you are a small practice with small image storage requirements or looking to expand 2-3 locations in the next 6 months, Apteryx Imaging can fit your needs!  

The beauty of cloud imaging is its option for unlimited file storage capacity. Without the slowdown of in-house servers, you can continue your work with increased efficiency. 

Apteryx Includes:

  • Unlimited data storage 
  • All-inclusive monthly subscription with future updates, upgrades, and support 
  • Reliable and scalable imaging solution 

With tiered pricing options, you can choose the package best suited for your storage demands. Instead of purchasing storage you don’t need, you have different choices like starting off with a small package and building your way up to unlimited capture stations and storage as your practice grows. 

This win-win situation allows you to save money by cutting extra costs and finding a solution suitable for your practice’s size. Designed with growth in mind, you’ll never run out of space no matter how large your imaging database is. 

4. Drastically Reduce Server and IT Expenses

Heavy and recurring server costs leave a significant impact on your bottom line – unfortunately not in the best way.  

Replacing servers can cost up to $5000 each, as it did for American Dental Partners. While a server may be a backup for your dental images, storing them in the cloud is the best way to stay efficient while decreasing costs.  

Advantages With Cloud:

  • Less reliance on costly servers with unlimited centralized storage   
  • Decreased server-related costs and IT expenses 
  • Automatic data backups with Microsoft Azure 

Instead of repeated purchases for larger capacity servers, you can invest in technology that cuts your reliance on onsite servers and reduces IT burden to save time and money. With this, you no longer need to manually backup your data across multiple devices and locations. 

5. Data Security Backed by Microsoft Azure  

Did you know 45 million people were affected by healthcare data attacks in 2021 (Fierce Healthcare)?  

According to healthcare reports to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), data breaches hit an all-time high in 2021, tripling since 2019.  

With cyberattacks against healthcare organizations on the rise, keeping patient data secure both protects your practice’s reputation and is a legal requirement under HIPAA. 

How Apteryx’s Security Protects:

  • Secure data centers with multiple layers of protection 
  • Continuous software updates against the latest virus, malware, and ransomware attacks 
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Data backups 
  • Reduce redundancies 

It’s important to protect data against cyberattacks, natural disasters, theft, and loss. A physical server can be stolen or susceptible to damage or data loss in a natural disaster. Apteryx prides itself in having the highest level of data security with a HIPAA compliant sharing portal. 

Standard compliances regularly undergo assessments with 3rd party experts. 

  • HIPAA Security Rule  
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule  
  • HITECH Act 

Our multiple layer security not only reduces IT spend and footprint but also grants you control of granular permissions to authorized users for even more added security within your practice. 

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