Your Guide to Junk Removal Marketing

Whether you’re an established junk removal business or just starting, it’s critical to have a marketing plan to bring in new customers and keep existing ones.

Most homeowners and business owners across industries need junk removal services at some point. An effective marketing strategy will help you connect with potential customers within your service area.

Importance of creating an online presence for your junk removal company

Since most people conduct a Google search before choosing to use a business or service, it’s essential to have a digital marketing plan to bolster your online presence. Potential customers will look for your business information, location, hours, service offering, pricing and customer reviews.

Junk removal marketing tools

Beyond giving potential customers your business information, online marketing allows you to provide value to prospective customers before even offering your paid services. You can use several marketing tools to build your online presence and connect with your local target audience.

Mobile-friendly website

A junk removal website is a critical factor in your marketing plan. Consider every user experience when building a website. If a potential customer is searching on their phone, you want them to have a smooth mobile experience with quick load times, a straightforward landing page and an easy-to-navigate website.


Blogging is an excellent way to offer value to potential customers. Write posts related to junk removal, like “How to get rid of an old couch” or other keywords your customer base might search. Establish your company as an authority in the junk removal industry by consistently providing tips and advice to build trust over time.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to connect directly with customers. You can regularly post valuable content for free, or you can run ads. Content can be informative or entertaining — whatever helps you best connect with your target demographic.

If you have a solid social media presence, you’ll be more likely to come to mind when users look for local junk removal services.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for people to find your local business online. A customer looking for a junk hauling business might search “Junk removal services near me.” You want to show up high in those search results to increase your website traffic and customer conversion rate.

Improve your local SEO by researching the keywords your target audience is searching for and write blogs optimized for those keywords. Other factors to consider when improving your local SEO are backlinks from other authority websites, customer ratings and reviews and complete business listings in online directories such as Yelp and Google.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile adds your pin to Google Maps and will help you appear in junk removal services Google search results. If you haven’t already, claim your Google Business Profile, follow the steps to set it up and fill out all the information.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing can be costly, but it is an effective way to instantly connect with customers and leads. You can offer leads a discount on their first service when they opt in and provide their information. SMS marketing campaigns can advertise flash sales, seasonal promotions or other targeted promotions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to stay connected with customers. Email campaigns allow you to update your customer base about your business and related news, send discounts and promotions and provide helpful information about junk removal. Check out these email marketing tips before planning your next campaign.

Maintaining strong relationships with junk removal customers

Once you work with customers, you want to retain their business if they ever need junk removal services again. The best way to keep customers is to offer excellent service.

Importance of customer retention

Customer loyalty goes a long way and can bring you repeat business and referrals. If a customer repeatedly uses your services and their friend needs to hire a junk removal business one day, they’ll likely refer you!

Online reviews

Online reviews are a crucial way to build trust with potential customers. Since local users will likely search online for junk removal services, they’ll see what your past customers say. Positive reviews can go a long way towards building trust with new clients.

Negative reviews can also ultimately help your business. Respond to all reviews with grace and understanding. Try to make the situation right, and depending on the circumstances, you may explain it from your point of view. Customers will notice how you reply to negative reviews and might be impressed if you handle them well.

Web Chat

Customers who visit your website might have simple questions or want to request a quote or service appointment. Web Chats are an excellent way to automate simple customer requests so you can focus on more complex customer needs.

Consider integrating a Web Chat on your website that can instantly handle basic customer queries.

Online advertising

Your marketing budget should include online advertising. Your customers are online, so you want to meet them there.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns that allow you to target keywords that your customer base might be searching. You are charged a fee every time a user clicks on your advertisement link. To stay within your marketing budget, you can set daily limits and an all-time cap when creating your ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to get very specific when selecting your target demographic. You can run ad campaigns that pinpoint specific ages, locations and interests. Facebook is a great place to test different marketing campaigns and demographics to see if you can expand your customer base.

Junk removal marketing FAQ

Check out these answers to some of the most common junk removal marketing questions.

How do I generate more junk removal leads?

As a small business, it’s essential to focus on lead generation. Consider trying the following tactics:

  • Place call-to-action (CTA) buttons, like “Request a quote,” in central places on your website
  • Offer gated content, like “12 Tips for Removing Junk from Your Home for a Clutter-Free Life.” Place a link to the resource on your social media profile bios and your website, and ask users for their email addresses in exchange
  • Create a loyalty program where return customers get a discount
  • Sponsor a local event to get your name out to people in your area
  • Offer a referral program

These are just a few examples, but the options are endless. Be creative when you consider ways to reach your customer base.

How do I improve my junk removal business’s reputation?

Maybe you have a bad review or a string of fake reviews and don’t want them to harm your reputation. You cannot delete individual reviews (only the author of the review can delete it), but you can report fake reviews or anything that violates the site’s terms. If a comment is deemed fake or inappropriate, the respective platform will remove it.

If the fake review stays up, you can respond by saying, “We have no record of a (customer name). Is it possible you might have booked under another name? Please contact us at (company email or phone number), so we can help sort this out!”

Always respond to negative reviews. Look through your records to see if you can remember the customer interaction. Respond directly to the customer who left feedback. Use their name, apologize and offer your phone and email address so that the issue can be resolved offline. It might make sense to tell your side of the story, but be careful and don’t sound defensive.

Potential customers will see how you respond to negative reviews, so remember that your response matters. If you share your perspective, do so calmly and simply state the facts. You can’t take down a bad review, but you can help shape the narrative.

Where should junk removal companies advertise online?

Advertise on social media using pay-per-click ads and posting quality content regularly. Consider running a giveaway to market your services or partner with another local business so you can post about each other and refer customers to each other’s services.

Grow your junk removal business with Broadly

Broadly can help you get more online reviews and manage your online reputation. We’ll help you design a mobile-friendly website optimized for local SEO. Our review management tools automate review requests and notify you of new reviews so you can respond quickly. Additional features streamline communication and help your business run efficiently.

Schedule a demo to see how our Broadly’s tools can improve your junk removal marketing strategy.

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